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Thursday Garden Talks with Lili Singer

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FALL 2014: 8 Thursdays, September 18-Novembers

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September 18

Wildflowers of Cismontane Southern California and Associated Wildlife with Bob Allen
Southern California is widely known for its movie productions, amusement parks and natural attractions. Our region is also home to more than 4000 species of native plants, hundreds of different native vertebrate animals and 1000s of different native insects – many of which are featured in this beautifully illustrated program and in the speaker’s new book, Wildflowers of Orange County and the Santa Ana Mountains. This amazing resource includes flora (and fauna) that occur in a broader area than the title suggests, including L.A. and adjacent counties. Many of these plants are already in cultivation; many others await their turn in the horticultural spotlight. Bob (a.k.a. “BugBob”) is an entomologist, botanist, instructor and photographer with a BS in Environmental and Systematic and an MS in Environmental Studies. He is a research associate at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden and a research associate in entomology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.


September 25

A Gallery of Succulents with Lili Singer
Succulent plants are among the speaker’s favorite flora, and this presentation includes different categories: large, small, native, exotic, common and quirky, easy and challenging. The beauty, resilience and diversity of these plants will be celebrated in colorful images. A succulent-plant sale follows the lecture. Lili is an award-winning horticulturist, garden writer, editor and educator. For more than a decade, she has coordinated the Thursday Garden Talks at the Arboretum.


October 2

Tried and True or Something New: Citrus in Today’s Garden with Tracy L. Kahn, Ph.D.
What we call “Citrus” is much more than Washington navel orange, Valencias, Satsuma tangerines, grapefruit, lemons and limes. This talk provides a virtual tour of the UCR Citrus Variety Collection, focuses on the origins of new varieties and the diversity of citrus that is grown commercially and in people’s backyards, and also touches on rootstocks, as well as current challenges and threats to growing citrus in California. Tracy is Principal Museum Scientist, Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, UC, Riverside, and Curator of the Citrus Variety Collection (


October 9

Salvia for Southern California Gardens, a lecture and book signing with John Whittlesey
This photographic presentation by the author of The Plant Lover’s Guide to Salvias, walks us through the diverse and wonderful world of salvias – a.k.a. sages – and discusses ways to use them in gardens. Drought-tolerant native sages will be highlighted, as well as other rewarding species that thrive in Southern California. Owner of Canyon Creek Nursery & Design in interior Northern California, John is a nurseryman, garden designer, landscape contractor and avid amateur photographer. He enjoys growing interesting plants and creating attractive water-conserving landscapes that provide habitat for people and wildlife. He is a graduate of the California School of Garden Design.


October 16

Creating an English Country Garden, California Style with Susanna Dadd
This class offers the basics for constructing drought- and heat-tolerant landscapes that incorporate an Old World aesthetic with diverse arrays of California natives and compatible mediterranean-climate plants and succulents – gardens of year-round interest with maximum habitat value for insects, lizards and birds. Class coverage includes sprinkler systems, soils, gardening on hillsides and in dry shade, and saving water to our aquifers, plus design tips on structure, focal points and how to convert a sterile lawn into a lively welcoming space. Susanna is an Altadena-based artist and garden designer ( She was born in England to a botanist father and zoologist mother. Her lifelong relationship with wild things and nature shaped her thinking about our responsibility to our land and how the land will reward you for its care. A field trip to three of Susanna’s gardens takes place Thursday, October 23.


October 23

Field trip; Three Altadena Gardens by Susanna Dadd of Real Gardens
Our autumn excursion for gardeners and plant lovers includes three naturalistic, colorful, resource-conserving, wildlife-attracting Altadena gardens: the designer’s own unique foothills landscape; a small, bird-focused garden of mediterranean-climate flora; and a rambunctious, half-native, drought- tolerant English country garden – California style. Learn more about Susanna’s design work at Preregistration required.


October 30

Field trip; A Super Somis Nursery Excursion, Greenwood and a New Succulent Operation; 10:00am-12:30pm
Tour and shop at two Ventura County nursery gems. First, we stop at John Shoustra’s recently expanded Greenwood Nursery, with its new greenhouse dedicated to pelargoniums and clivias; new daylily varieties and hundreds of other plants being evaluated for future introduction; certified organic avocado orchard; and one-acre composting operation. Next we visit a brand new enterprise created by a trio of prominent succulent collectors – John Matthews, Tim Harvey and John Martinez – and specializing in common and uncommon succulents, including haworthias, aloes and dyckias. Leave plenty of room in the car for your purchases! Preregistration required.


November 6

No Plants! Hardscape Materials and Techniques with Andreas Hessing
How do you build the bones of a garden? This class surveys standard and alternative building techniques and materials for walls, walks, fences and seats and illustrates innovative examples of hardscape. Andreas is an artist, landscape designer and licensed contractor ( For more than 20 years, his site-specific installations have celebrated regional biodiversity while focusing on the philosophical, political and social implications of California’s indigenous flora.

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