Hosted by Matt-Dell & Rebecca Tufenkian
8 Thursdays / 9:30am – 12noon / Palm Room
$100 for the series / $20 per class (includes Arboretum admission)

Each class begins with an open discussion which may or may not include: show & tell, current events, culture tips, pest problems, and introductions of new plants. The class will also include lectures or hands-on workshops from the following speakers.

Winter Session
Jan. 7 – Irrigation Overview – Brandon Walker
Happy New Year! Time to start thinking about your irrigation system before you begin your new year of gardening. This class will cover different methods of irrigation, including drip vs. spray, as well as ways to work with the new municipal watering restrictions. Brandon Walker is Co-Owner/Operator at J. Harold Mitchell Supply. He brings with him a lifetime of experience working in professional irrigation.

Jan. 14 – Near Natives – Laura Bauer
“Drought-tolerant” doesn’t have to mean cactus and lava rock! Garden Designer, Laura Bauer, shares her experience using water-wise plants from California and beyond. Laura will bring some plants to sell.

Jan. 21 – What’s Better Now in the Arboretum Library? – Susan Eubank
Start the New Year with a walk and talk through and about the Arboretum Library with Librarian, Susan Eubank. After 50 years the collections have emerged from the dark into a spacious, welcoming reinterpretation of a midcentury modern building. Explore the collections from 1578 to 2016 in all formats and technologies with a 20 year plus, 3 botanical garden librarian who’s passionate about plants, gardens, libraries and helping customers with their quests.

Jan. 28 – Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping – John Lyons
Learn about basic beekeeping in your own backyard. Setting up a hive, introducing your first swarm or bee package, and ongoing maintenance. Pest control and harvesting your honey will also be covered.

Feb. 4 – Deep Ecology: Understanding Humanities role as Nature – Rishi Kumar
As climate change brings drought, unpredictability, and scarcity to regions the world over, what can we do to restore ecological balance, community health, and personal fulfillment? A talk about the changes needed in belief, thought, and practice to reverse the trend toward individual scarcity and move toward shared abundance.

Feb. 11 – Drought Resilient Gardening – Rishi Kumar
A class for beginning and advanced gardeners looking to take a more ecological approach to maintaining a landscape during California’s historic drought. Learn to restore wildlife habitat and grow food while helping to regenerate our community water resources.

Feb. 18 – Creating Drought Resilient Soil – Lynn Fang
An introduction to soil ecology including soil water dynamics, natural soil fertility, and how to boost the soil’s ability to store more water, reducing the need to water your garden. Learn simple ways to assess your soil’s water infiltration rate.

Feb. 25 – Composting at Home and in the Community – Lynn Fang
Learn about the myriad benefits of adding compost to soil and different ways to easily make compost at home. Discover model programs and leaders in community & municipal composting, learn about zero waste policies, and how you can support these efforts.

Spring Session
March 10 – Vermicomposting, or composting with worms – John Lyons
Turn garbage into a rich, dark earth-smelling soil conditioner, which you can use to help your lawn, your flowers or your vegetable garden. A class on setting up a worm composting system in your yard. Correct care, maintenance and use of worm castings will be covered. Also how to use castings in your edible landscape to enhance soil quality and productivity.

March 17 – South African Plants – Frank McDonough
Learn about 15 water-saving plants from South Africa that give “Good Hope.” This class includes both a PowerPoint lecture and a visit to the Arboretum’s South Africa Garden. Frank Mc Donough is the Arboretum’s Botanical Information Consultant.

March 24 – Butterfly & Herb Garden – Patrick Craig & Brian Burks
Learn the secrets of attracting butterflies and growing herbs from the Arboretum’s experts on the subjects. Patrick & Brian will discuss their work and lead us on a tour of their gardens.

March 31 – The Who, How, and Where of New Garden Plants – John Schoustra
Who are the amateur and professional plant people that discover and breed new garden plants? How are these new plants selected,
named, propagated and promoted? Where do these new plants travel before they reach our gardens? John Schoustra, of Greenwood Daylily Gardens will entertain us with the answers and tempt us with new plants for sale.

April 7 – Tomato Basics – David Diaz
Which ones to grow! Top ten tomatoes. Determinate or indeterminate? Commercial hybrids or Heirloom tomatoes? Small or big? Sweet or acid? Fresh or for cooking? We will cover it all. Plants will be for sale after talk.

April 14 – Crescent Garden – Leigh Adams
An overview of the concept, design, and development of the Crescent Garden. Then we will have a sneak peek at the garden before its grand opening. Features of the Crescent Garden include water harvesting, and native & edible plantings.

April 21 – Engelmann Oak Grove – James Henrich
The Arboretum’s Engelmann Oak Grove is the northernmost pure stand of a remnant oak population that spanned an area from northern Mexico up into Arizona and over to the coast of southern California. In that the stand is unique and that part of the trees range has been shrinking due to development, it is an ecological treasure. Jim Henrich has started a program that will help to ensure that this treasure is available for generations to come. In the last four years Jim Henrich’s oak establishment program has lead to an increase in survival in Engelmann oak seedlings. Jim will update us on his progress and lead us on a tour of the Engelmann Oak Grove.

April 28 – Scented-Leaf Geraniums – Matt-Dell Tufenkian
Learn the joys of these easy-care, good-smelling, drought-tolerant plants! Matt-Dell will share with us about his family legacy and favorite plants – geraniums. He will show slides from the building of the Scented Geranium Garden (which he helped to create) and then lead us on a walk-through tour.

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