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While we have plans to initiate restoration of the Lake as soon as possible, it will remain empty until the rains return. We understand the sight of the empty Lake is a stark contrast to the full body of water we enjoyed during the rains last winter. The difficult decision not to refill was based on the growing challenges of maintaining water in the Lake and the Arboretum's essential responsibility as a leader in environmental stewardship.

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Your support will help restore the beauty of Baldwin Lake, a beloved and magnificent part of the Arboretum's natural and cultural heritage.


Baldwin Lake in the 1880s was a pristine body of water where visitors drifted leisurely in boats, fish flourished in its deep waters and a variety of water fowl found refuge. Much has changed.


The Lake is home for resident and migratory birds as well as aquatic creatures.  Other species find refuge along the shorelines and nearby vegetation. 


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