May 2008 - The Arboretum
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May 2008

Hello all and welcome newcomers:Yes, I’ve been away awhile helping my mom, but we are getting back in gear. The LA Garden Show was a great succes. The Arboretum Library sold used books and magazines in the Beer Garden. All proceeds directly benefited the acquisitions fund of the Arboretum Library. Thanks for visiting. For more information on the show go to www.LAGardenShow.comThis is a direct link to March and April’s new books, websites, and articles lists:New books, articles and website listsYou can also explore the catalog by going through our website at, clicking on the Arboretum Library feature and then clicking on Percival the toad to go to the online catalog or follow this link:Arboretum Library Online CatalogIf you have any questions about using the catalog, please do contact me. Remember we are circulating to Los Angeles Arboretum Foundation members! The circulation period for books is 3 weeks with 2 renewals if no one else wants the item. You can renew by e-mail, phone or in person, but not on the online catalog. The circulation period for current magazines is 3 days with 2 renewals if no one else wants the item. Let me know if you are interested in any articles.In order for the “Request this title” function in the online catalog to work, I have to set you up as a customer. Then it will send me an e-mail requesting that I get the item for you. If you’d like to be set up as a customer, contact me by e-mail, phone, or in person.Happy reading!

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