October 2009 - The Arboretum
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Member Profile: Christine Hsiao

1. What is your earliest memory at The Arboretum?
When I was about 8 years old, my parents took me and my grandparents to The Arboretum for a lovely afternoon for the first time. I remember chasing the peacocks, and my family and I were in awe of the beauty of the Queen Anne Cottage–with its peaceful and serene setting next to the lake.
2. What is your favorite place in The Arboretum?
My favorite place in The Arboretum is a spot on the northeest shore of the lake. It has the most majesticand fantastic view of the Baldwin Adobe, as well as the Queen Anne Cottage, with the lake flowing soothingly in the foreground. A part of history that has been preserved–one can only imagine what and how it must have been like to live next to the lake.
3. Why do you support The Arboretum?
When I was younger, I used to think that The Arboretum was just a “place filled with plants.” It wasn't until I found out that The Arboretum was a popular Hollywood filming location that I started to wonder about the “place filled with plants” and what made it so attractive as a filming locale. Ironically, it is because of the plants that Hollywood calls upon The Arboretum, often for a jungle or tropical setting, or for just about anything at all.I am supporting The Arboretum by researching and archiving a historical timeline of The Arboretum. I am also researching and adding to the development of the Arboretum's film archives. I aspire to educate the public and the community about the history of The Arboretum–the impact of its historic and cultural significance following its transformation from The Arboretum's initial state as private ranch and residence to its current state as a public botanic garden. I am also involved with The Arboretum library–the more time I spend there–I gain a better understanding and appreciation of The Arboretum's library collection. Coming across nursery catalogs, pamphlets, and research papers, especially from the early 1900's–to be able to have access to these historic files is just fascinating to me.

Support The Arboretum for future generations
The Arboretum has flourished for over 60 years as an educational and environmental organization focusing on unique plant collections, book collections, and historic preservation. This historic landscape is the setting of many rich cultural stories shared with us daily–from the days when this was part of a private ranch and residence to the present when visitors enjoy the beauty of the natural world in the company of the wildlife that inhabit the area.

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