November 2009 - The Arboretum
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What’s Blooming November 2009

Montanoa grandiflora is a woody, shrubby sunflower family member that produces copious daisy-like blooms in November. It is located on the south-east side of the pond located above Meyberg falls on Tallac Knoll. The Arboretum has several Montanoa species in its collection including Montanoa guatamalensis, an arborescent (tree-like) sunflower family member that is used in its naitive range in Central America as timber for telephone poles and fences.

Montanoa tomentosa, a closely related native of central Mexico, is used by healers there to induce labor, cut down bleading during childbirth, and increase milk flow in mothers. The active ingredient in the plant is a compound similar to oxytocin, the 'hug hormone,'  that besides inducing labor in pregnant women, is considered to be the reason that strong emotional bonds develop between mother & child, and husband & wife.

Member Profile: Ron Sandoval

1. What is your earliest memory at The Arboretum?
My earliest memory of The Arboretum is visiting with my family on or around the Easter holiday about 35 years ago. It was there that we kids could run and play around the gardens, learn about plants, and work up a big appetite.
2. What is your favorite place in The Arboretum?
My favorite place is the magnificent waterfall with its grand presense and splashing water, which easily gets my feet wet.
3. Why do you support The Arboretum?
The Arboretum is so dynamic and special with its ever-changing grounds and gardens–truly a place for all seasons. My family and I have always encouraged our friends and extended family to join and become members. We often visit a very special memorial palm tree dedicated to mom to gather thoughts and cherish the moments we had together during her lifetime. Palm trees were her favorite trees. Both her godfather and father worked at The Arboretum as groundskeepers while living in Sierra Madre.
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