September 2010 - The Arboretum
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Library Spotlight - “The Art of Botanical Painting”

Botanical illustration is a highly specialized and very beautiful art form.  Both artistic and scientific, these illustrations capture both the beauty and biology of a wide variety of specimens.  This book covers a variety of materials and artistic principles for creating highly detailed and accurate images that also have striking compositions.  This book is filled with many wonderful examples of botanical art and will be inspirational and useful to anyone considering exploring this fascinating craft.
This book is part of the Library's collection on botanical illustration which was made possible in large part due to the generosity of Olga Eysymontt-Krogh and Eric Krogh.  Olga is a noted botanical artist and instructor and a founding member of the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California.
To find this book at the Arboretum Library click here.

Library Spotlight - “Edible Flowers: From Garden to Palate”

Want to get double duty out of your garden?  Look no further than this book, Edible Flowers by Cathy Wilkinson Barash, to find out about plants that both look and taste good.  Filled with information and recipes about a variety of plants with edible flowers, this book will expand your palate and add a special touch to your food.  Imagine how impressed your guests will be when you serve them Pansy Ravioli or Daylily Blueberry Pancakes!
To find this book in the Arboretum Library look here.

Library Spotlight - “Plant Discoveries: A Botanist’s Voyage Through Plant Exploration”

One of the many subjects covered by the Arboretum Library is botanical history.  Plant Discoveries: A Botanist's Voyage Through Plant Exploration by Sandra Knapp (Buffalo, N.Y.: Firefly Books, 2003), is a beautiful book that describes the history of several major categories of plants.  She explains the historical and geographic background of peonies, roses, conifers, heathers and morning-glories, among others.  Stories about the explorers who first documented specific plants are combined with explanations of historical usage of others.  This hefty book is lavishly illustrated with historical botanical illustrations that mostly date from the late 18th to early 19th centuries.
To find this book in the Arboretum Library look here. 

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