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Interested in learning more about the Arboretum Library and how you can make the most of this valuable service?  Join librarian, Susan Eubank, for a Library Orientation.  Susan has 17 years of professional experience researching in botanical and horticultural libraries and has developed two different orientations tailored to your level of interest and expertise.  Contact her at 626-821-3213 or via email to arrange a time for your free Library Orientation. Individuals and groups welcome.
Knowing the Plant World: Exploring the Arboretum Library
Get an overview of the Arboretum Library, it collections and services. This class is for anyone who is curious about what wonderful resources in this valuable and unique library. You will learn about using the materials, Library catalog and internet resources to find information on gardening and plants. From pests, diseases and sustainable practices to native plants in climates similar to Southern California, the Arboretum Library has information on it all. 
Do Plant and Garden Research Like a Professional: An In-depth Exploration of the Arboretum Library
Learn how to use the library to do research as well as find other information sources about plants. This class is for anyone who has a general understanding of the Arboretum Library collection and who would like to know how to use horticultural and botanical resources in more detail. Bring your questions as an example for research.

Library Spotlight - “Peterson Field Guides: Western Trees”

If you've ever wondered what type of tree that is along the side of the road, a great place to start is with a field guide.  Peterson Field Guides are some of the best known and they cover a variety of flora and fauna across the United States.  Field guides focus on differentiating factors between species and include specific images to help with identification and include descriptions of the species and its range.   Stop by the Arboretum Library to check out a field guide for trees or plants or wildflowers or insects before your next hike through the hills, your neighborhood or the Arboretum itself.
Find Peterson Field Guides: Western Trees in the Arboretum Library catalog here.

Library Spotlight - “Succulents for the Contemporary Garden”

Interested in adding some striking, yet water-wise, plants to your garden?  Succulents for the Contemporary Garden, by Yvonne Cave, describes hundreds of succulents that could add color, texture and interest to any garden in the area.  This book doesn't include cacti, but instead focuses on succulents that are more user-friendly (or at least more finger-friendly!). Hundreds of beautiful photographs show the huge variety in this category of plants.  Great for gardeners new to the topic or for connoisseurs looking for a special addition to their garden.  
Find this book in the Arboretum Library here or stop by to check out this book or the many others the library has on cacti and succulents.

Library Spotlight - “A Tour of the Flowering Plants”

There are so many types of plants that it can often seem overwhelming to even start learning about botany.  However, this book, A Tour of the Flowering Plants by Priscilla Spears, provides a good overview of many of the common families of flowering plants found in the US and Canada.  The plant families are laid out in a tree diagram to help you visualize the relationship between the types of plants.  She then goes through the families with illustrations and descriptions for each.  While not exhaustive, this book provides a good starting point for learning about the classification and differences between families of plants that you will encounter during a trip to the Arboretum.  This book also comes with a disk that contains a PDF copy of the book, so you can search through it on your computer and reference it later.
Find this book at the Arboretum Library here and make sure to stop by the library on your next trip to the Arboretum.  Everyone can browse the collections and members can check out books.

Library Spotlight - “The Art of Garden Photography”

Nature is a popular choice for photography and this book focuses on one niche of that category – garden photography.  Visiting a place like the LA Arboretum can be a great opportunity to capture some amazingly beautiful images and The Art of Garden Photography by Ian Adams can help you take the best possible pictures.  The book covers a variety of topics related to garden photography including appropriate camera settings and composition. 
One nice feature of this book are the numerous examples of identical pictures taken with different settings/equipment.  It makes it very clear how the choices of the photographer effect the outcome of the picture. And of course this book is filled with a beautiful photographs!
Find this book in the Arboretum Library catalog here and make sure to stop by the Arboretum Library on your next visit.

Pumpkin Stories for Children

Before you know it, Halloween will be here and your children will be in the mood to read stories about pumpkins. From scary pumpkins to the process of how a pumpkin grows from a seed to a fully developed gourd, recipes and instructions on how to carve a jack-o'-lantern, we have it all at the Arboretum Library. So, hurry in before these great books are all checked out!  Find children's books about pumpkins at the Arboretum Library here.
Pumpkins by Jackqueline Farmer

Library Spotlight - “Household Elegancies”

Browsing through the stacks at the Arboretum Library can reveal some hidden and unexpected gems.  The book Household Elegancies: Suggestions in Household Art and Tasteful Home Decorating by Mrs. C. S. Jones and Henry T. Williams is a very interesting book from 1875 describing a variety of crafts and home decor projects.  The book is well illustrated with highly detailed drawings and includes directions for a variety of projects including making wax flowers, leather-work and decorative picture frames.  Many of the projects have floral themes and the text is filled with such gems as, “Probably no one article of modern invention and ingenuity has afforded greater satisfaction than wall-pockets.”  Check out this and other books about nature-based crafts at the Arboretum Library.

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