Chicks arrive at the Garden For All Seasons!

The Arboretum's newest bird residents, five adorable chicks, huddled together in a sunny corner, unsure about their spacious new home in the brand new chicken coop in the Garden for All Seasons.  But it did't take long before the four-to-six-weeks old chicks were exploring their new digs and chirping with pleasure. Come and watch them grow.  By July, the chicks will be old enough to produce eggs, according to Jill Morganelli, horticulture supervisor. Each chick is a distinctive color and of a different variety: Plymouth Barred Rock, Araucana, Rhode Island Red, Brahma and Buff Orpington. The birds, their food, feeders and bedding were donated by Faz and Jeanne Alamdari, owners of Wes's Pets & Feed in El Monte.  The new chicken coop was donated by Mike Scott of Eagle Rock Backyard Farms.

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