Reading the Western Landscape April/May 2011

The Reading the Western Landscape Book Group met April 6, 2011, to discuss In a Desert Garden: Love and Death Among the Insects. Below is a summary of the questions that were brought up for that book and a preview of the book that will be discussed on April 6 at 7:00pm.

Previous book selections can be found here and future selections here.
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April 2011 – A River Runs Through It, and Other Stories

A River Runs Through It, and Other Stories, by Norman Maclean; Chicago: University of Chicago Press ©1976.  Find it at your local library.
From a review: “[Maclean] would go to his grave secure in the knowledge that anyone who'd fished with a fly in the Rockies and read his novella on the how and why of it believed it to be the best such manual on the art ever written–a remarkable feat for a piece of prose that also stands as a masterwork in the art of tragic writing.” (Philip Connors Nation)

Specific questions for this book include:

Talk about the women in this book.  Describe a passage about women where they don’t seem objectified.

What is the reason for the way the author portrays women?

What does this book say about familial relationships?

What is Maclean generally trying to say?

How does the last line fit with the rest of the story?

What can Maclean cherish in the story?

Give some examples of how nature relates to the people for better. Or worse?
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May 2011 – The Blue Plateau: an Australian Pastoral

Discussion on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
The Blue Plateau: an Australian Pastoral, by Mark Tredinnick; Minneapolis, Minn.: Milkweed Editions ©2009.  Find it at your local library.
The Blue Plateau is located in the Blue Mountains southwest of Sydney. This book reveals the plateau through its inhabitants: the Gundungurra people, the Maxwell family, the ranchers and firefighters; and the author himself. This book incorporates poetry, history, ecology, mythology, and memoir.  From the WorldCat summary.

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