Fruitstitute Workshop Saturday, February 16 at our Crescent Farm

Grow your knowledge about fruit trees with Southern California fruit tree specialist and founder of Fruitstitute, Joanna Glovinsky. Using the Crescent Farm orchard as a classroom, this lecture and demo will show you to how plant, manage and prune to successfully grow your own backyard fruit.  Saturday, February 16, 10am, members free, include in admission.

Curious about our Forest Bathing program?

Try our next Forest Bathing session on Saturday, February 16, 8-10am, Sara Cagle, a reporter with The Los Angeles Times, captures the experience of Forest Bathing. She writes of entering “the prehistoric forest: a shaded environment of towering redwoods and palm trees, bright orange birds of paradise and very curious ducks. One person noticed the chirping of songbirds…One woman said she became so relaxed, she…”


The NEA awards a grant to the Arboretum

The National Endowment for the Arts award to the Arboretum enable us to continue our groundbreaking 2016 exhibit of techno-botanical art in the garden. The newly-funded art exhibit, developed by curator Shirley Watts, will feature video and interactive digital installations within the Arboretum’s diverse botanical landscape. The aim is to move art out of a traditional museum setting and utilize technology to explore humankind’s changing relationship with nature, as well as our collective and individual response to the seismic environmental shifts that are remaking our world. The exhibit is scheduled for Spring 2019.

Library Spotlight - Natural History

Want to learn about the natural history of the world by reading about the interrelationship of geology, botany, zoology, ecology, biogeography, climatology and paleontology, and learn how different phenomena throughout the earth's history has affected the natural world we live in?   Amateur researchers as well as professional ecologists can take advantage of The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden Library's wide selection of books on this topic and learn how the natural environment has evolved and the interrelations among different forms of life.

Image of “The Blue Heron” (Ardea caerulea purpureo capite) p. 14, inscribed in pen and ink, over brush and green watercolor and graphite, in “Mark Catesby's Natural History Of America: The Watercolors From The Royal Library, Windsor Castle” by Henrietta McBurney. [Houston, TX, Museum of Fine Arts, c 1997].

Water on the mind?

Leigh Adams, artist-in-residence at the Arboretum, and John Lyons, a designer and lecturer well known to Arboretum fans, teamed up to test and implement techniques to harvest water. The article is a fun and an informative read at

Thank you for sharing your ideas

In the coming months we will be making decisions about the future of the Arboretum.

Library Spotlight - Vintage Nursery Catalogs

Looking for early nursery catalogs for the region of Southern California? The Arboretum Library has catalogs going as far back as the late 1800s that are still applicable for today's horticulturalists. During your visit to the Arboretum, members and non-members of the garden are always welcome to browse our nursery catalogs in our library's collection!

“Germain Seed Co.” (1907)

Library Spotlight - Library Catalog Updates

Hello, folks!  The Arboretum Library's catalog now has social networking features, including Facebook and Twitter, so that you may share any library material(s) you have found in the catalog, with your friends.  Also be sure to check out and “like” the Arboretum's Facebook page.

Library Spotlight - “Açaí”

The Arboretum Library has many journals and periodicals that cover a range of horticultural topics. These journals include articles about individual types of plants, including one that's been seen around a lot more recently – the açaí.  You've probably seen this ingredient in all sorts of products at the grocery store, but I didn't know much about the plant, or even how to pronounce it (it's AH-sigh-EE, apparently). This article touches on several interesting aspects of the açaí: the history and cultural significance (including traditional uses for this type of palm), modern research into possible health benefits and the impact and future of cultivation of the açaí palm.
Stop by the library and check out this article and look over some of the many others in the periodical collection.
Engels, Gayle. “Acai: Euterpe oleracea.” Herbalgram, no. 86 (May-July 2010): 1-2. Print.

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