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Ask our Crescent Farmers for guidance on how you can create similar elements in your yard.

Bring children to Crescent Farm where they can participate in fun activities that encourage water conservation and educate about the water cycle.

Enjoy beautiful artwork created from stone, mosaic and recycled plant materials by local Ecoartists.

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Help our region use less water and also grow its quality of life.

Steps to create beautiful, bountiful gardens with less water

At Crescent Farm, we harness the power of healthy soil, climate appropriate plants, and water harvesting techniques to create a beautiful and bountiful garden that uses 90% less water than a lawn. We:

Build healthy soil through sheet mulching, retaining moisture, and increasing nutrient content for better plant health.

Capture water in the soil using formations that soak in rainfall and runoff.  Less irrigation is needed when groundwater is needed.

Water efficiently with simple irrigation upgrades that can save thousands of gallons of water.

Use climate appropriate plants that require minimal water, such as lower water lawn alternatives, California native plants and other groundcovers and shrubs that original from Mediterranean climate areas. We choose plants that are both beautiful and functional.

Grow dry land edibles by planting delicious fruits and vegetables from arid climates.

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