Leigh Adams to receive Global Citizen Award

By August 14, 2016 Save, Water 2 Comments


  • Kavitha Satya says:

    I am so proud to be associated with this amazing human being! The impact that she has had on educating young minds in water conservation practices is extraordinary. My children, Grace Mohandoss, Rachel Mohandoss, and my friend’s children, Mrunal Kulkarni and Arya Kulkarni, have been trained by her. They in turn have used their learning in their own communities. Grace and Rachel are pictured on the Arcadia City Calendar 2016 and have received certificates from the Mayor of Arcadia during a City Hall meeting for being water smart heroes. Mrunal and Arya are doing their part in Chino Hills.
    Congratulations, Leigh!

  • Betty Chavez says:

    My family and I were so impressed with Leigh’s love and dedication to not only the Arboretum but to everything she does. She submerges you into her world and makes you want to go home and try to create the same magic she has created at the Arboretum! LOVE what she is doing at Crescent Farm and we hope that her collaboration with the Arboretum continues to grow along with all the beauty she seeds. We hope that the Arboretum not only nurtures nature but also those who maintain it , help it grow and educate others in the process. Thank you for your time.

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