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Crescent Farm was created in 2015 from a nutrition-starved, compacted lawn.  At just-under an acre, ‘The Crescent’ was transformed through topographical changes (alterations to the contour of the landscape) designed to infiltrate water, build healthy soil and create rich, biodiverse habitat. With an emphasis on three important elements - water, carbon-sequestration and habitat - The Crescent has become a truly REGENERATIVE landscape.

A regenerative landscape actively contributes to the natural resources normally available.  The sequestration of carbon, together with the infiltration and unlocking of moisture, creates a healthy soil environment which can sustain the biodiversity needed to complete a thriving landscape.  Learn how we do this by scrolling through our pages here!  You’ll learn about our fail-safe techniques and see some of our favorite plants. If you’re looking for opportunities to volunteer, or, to create project events for your business or agency - we can accommodate.   View how our ongoing efforts not only save resources, grow food and bring endangered species to our garden, but also have begun to create fundamental, regenerative changes in landscapes far beyond the Arboretum.  Learn how you can do the same in your own new, regenerative home garden.

We’re always excited to share information and experiences.  We have our own Interpretive Horticulturist to answer questions and help facilitate a rich and informative visit.  We also manage various social media platforms that act as educational showpieces for our work, linking us to an ever-expanding global community of regenerative ecosystems.

Meet our Interpretative Horticulturist

John Latsko is the steward of the Crescent and his job is as an Interpretive Horticulturist.  It’s his job to help you understand what you see at Crescent Farm.  He can answer questions about your own landscape-remake as well as give you suggestions for creating healthy soil and saving water.  He is seriously interested in creating habitat, especially for pollinators, and has ideas for every size garden and landscape.  He can show you our orchard trees and talk about food production in our food-forest vegetable garden.

John is an educator who uses the healthy landscape as an ever-emergent curriculum.  With wide-ranging experience across age groups and cultures, he’s also an artist keen on applying his years of art education to help visitors understand the value of design in the landscape. John will also describe the remarkable observations and exciting on-going projects in the Crescent. Come see the Crescent and meet one of its most important cheerleaders!


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