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Southern California is a place of reinvention. At the Arboretum, we have been reinventing the landscape since the 1950s by introducing many of the plants and garden techniques that have shaped the region.

In the second decade of the 21st Century, the Arboretum is joining all of greater Los Angeles in reimagining the landscape. The 20th Century landscape was about homemaking and beautification. Today, we are enriching that history by not only maintaining beautiful lush gardens, but also creating an ecology that nurtures water and wildlife. Water is the greatest gift of life, and we want our gardens to honor and celebrate water every day.

We removed nearly an acre of lawn to focus on new and ancient water conservation practices that are especially well-suited to your home garden. We invite you to take part in reimagining the Southern California landscape, growing lush and bountiful gardens without wasting water. Make it yours, share it with the community, and help ensure a brighter environmental future for all. You’ll discover:

Saving water is fun!

Mulching, swales, and healthy soils all make it easy and fun to save water. Join us for classes, workshops and events for adults and kids of all ages. Learning about water ecology is the first step to a healthier garden.

Brown doesn’t have to be the new green.

Discover low water turf alternatives, native meadows and evergreen shrubs as replacements for water-guzzling grass. Brown is beautiful too, but there are so many wonderful plants that thrive in our soils.

Create a vibrant new garden aesthetic for Southern California.

Being water conscious doesn’t mean being dry and dull. Discover the color and creativity of what a climate friendly garden can be.

Build beneficial habitat for a variety of flora and fauna.

Enjoy an abundance of insects and birds that call the surrounding landscape home. Butterflies, hummingbirds, praying mantises, and all sorts of wonderous wildlife adorn the Crescent Farm.

Meet Our Crescent Farmers!

We call them Interpretive Horticulturists: John Latsko and Leigh Adams. They will answer your irrigation and plant questions so you can create garden beauty, grow food and build habitat while conserving our water. They designed and steward what you see in Crescent Farm. Our highest goal is to help you with techniques to create regenerative home and community landscapes!

John Latsko

Interpretive Horticulturalist

John Latsko’s love of California native and food plants originally brought him to Crescent Farm. He especially enjoys working with young people and sharing information about Crescent Farm. His background is in education, primarily teaching English and arts to elementary through adult students.

Leigh Adams

Interpretive Horticulturalist

Leigh Adams has guided installations at the Arboretum, Rancho Santa Botanical Garden, L.A. County Natural History Museum and Pasadena Public Schools. An active leader in the urban sustainable agriculture movement, Adams coordinates community participation in Crescent Farm.

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