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We consider people as essential in the Crescent as healthy soil.  We attract a fascinating crew of volunteers and have opportunities for young and old alike.  It is with their help that Crescent Farm shines.

In the past, we have logged many kinds of events, from cob-construction to learning how to adorn stepping stones with mosaic salvaged tiles.  We’ve built hugels together and pruned fruit trees with classes given by the best in their field.  Visitors have even harvested amaranth with experts visiting from Guatemala, specifically to spread their indigenous knowledge and techniquesWe removed nearly an acre of lawn to focus on new and ancient water conservation practices as well as plants that are especially well-suited for the home garden. It's part of our effort to re-imagine the Southern California landscape for the future.  Join us to help ensure a sustainable environment for all.


We normally accommodate more than 16,000 school children who visit the Crescent as an important stop on any education tour of the Arboretum.  As all visitors can - kids quickly learn about the value of saving and reusing resources as well as creating exciting habitat. Watch your young friends be thrilled by the lizards, butterflies, hummingbirds and more!


We have accommodated work groups anxious for volunteer opportunities - setting them to work on specially-tailored projects.  If you’re looking for such opportunities, check with us!  We’ll be happy to accommodate.  The Crescent has been busy influencing casual visitors and civic agencies alike - sharing our resource-saving techniques which continue to be duplicated countless times.  One of our favorite cooperating agencies is the California Conservation Corps whose teams have visited many times and engaged in some very exciting large-scale projects, benefiting from a hands-on learning experience.  They continue to apply what they learn with us to their work around the state. Contact us with any questions and we’ll work to accommodate your group or agency.


You don’t have to be a plant nerd to appreciate a good read about horticulture. We have compiled a list of resources that will enhance your general knowledge about Southern California gardening and sharpen your appreciation and understanding of natural growing practices.

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