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Crescent Farm


Saturdays, 10:00am/Crescent Farm

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Instructor: Crescent Farm Staff
– Leigh Adams, John Latsko, and Horticultural Supervisor Jill Morganelli

The Crescent Farm, located in the heart of the Arboretum just west of Baldwin Lake, is a reclaimed landscape where we explore new and ancient horticulture techniques for water conservation and food production. This is an educational training series. Please bring gloves, drinking water; wear close-toed shoes and a hat.

Regeneration of the Landscape, January 19, 2019

Join us for a presentation inspired by the synthesis of garden design, inspiration from nature, and the incorporation of natural processes into man-made landscapes. This presentation weaves together the importance of regenerative garden practices, the beauty of climate appropriate plants, and hands on tips for garden enthusiasts who want to deepen their connection to the soil, to nature, and their gardens. One solution is to imagine and develop resilient gardens where humans and nature can grow and evolve together in a symbiotic relationship.

Shawn Maestretti, the principal of of Shawn Maestretti Garden Architecture (SMGA) and the creator of the ‘The Re-Generation of Gardens,’ has been creating green spaces and lush, waterwise gardens since 2006.

Fruitstitute Workshop, February 16, 2019

Intro to Backyard Orcharding & Fruit Tree Pruning
Grow your knowledge about fruit trees with Southern California fruit tree specialist and founder of Fruitstitute, Joanna Glovinsky. This lecture and demo will delineate the differences in practice and approach between backyard and commercial fruit production to teach you how to successfully grow your own backyard fruit. Using the Crescent Farm orchard as the classroom, Joanna will provide step by step instruction on how to plan, manage, and prune a backyard orchard. Learn how to prune and how to have fruit ready for harvest in your yard year round!

Fruitstitute is the only fruit tree specific service in Los Angeles. By providing fruit tree care and education to backyard growers, we take this knowledge out of the orchard and into your backyard. Founded by local fruit tree expert, Joanna Glovinsky, their mission is to create a culture change in the LA landscape and pioneer a new fruitscape.

The Secret World of Mycelium, March 16, 2019

This class will explore the world of mycelium. What is it? How does it help? And how to build soil that helps it run and dance through your garden.

Creating Bee Gardens & Attracting Pollinators, April 20, 2019

Crescent Farm provides amazing habitat where our local fauna thrives. In the design and development phases of building Crescent Farm, special consideration was given to plant selection and how these plants establish superior homes for native bees, birds, and butterflies. Introducing pollinators into your yard adds interest, photo, and learning opportunities for the whole family.

Crescent Farm 101, May 18, 2019

On this day, participants will learn the basics about the Crescent Farm: how its topography captures water and how wise plant choices can save water AND provide habitat and delight all year. Learn about the educational mission of the project and enjoy first hand conversations with one of its principle gardeners.

Community Mosaic Workshop, June 15, 2019

Join Piece by Piece and Crescent Farm for an opportunity to contribute to the Crescent’s community stepping stone mosaic project! Crescent Farm’s stepping stones serve as gateway to the garden, drawing eyes, and visually reinforcing the ecological concepts at the heart of the Crescent’s mission. Wile you will be learning from professional mosaic artists, this isn’t your typical individual-oriented art class; this is a space to engage in collaborative creation, working together to construct the artistic foundations of one of the Arboretum’s most impactful gardens!

Piece by Piece’s mission is “to provide low-income and formerly homeless people free mosaic art workshops using recycled materials to develop marketable skills, self confidence, earned income, and an improved quality of life.” They’ve created some of the most iconic mosaic pieces in Los Angeles, including the legendary mosaic “The Water Cycle” at the Crescent Farm information kiosk. To find more information, see their past works, and view art for sale, visit

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