Crescent Farm Workshop: Lawn Alternatives January 21

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Reimagine your lawn with interesting, vibrant alternatives! Explore cool and warm season grasses. Create a colorful four-season meadow with California native seeds. Consider evergreen options that are highlighted through low growing ground covers and a variety of sub shrubs. For those who are not interested in turning your yard into a gravel pit experience, this workshop is a must. Saturday, January 21, 10am; free with admission; members free.

Jill Morganelli will be a speaker at Arcadia Water 101 Forum, July 17

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farmer_jill_morganelliJill Morganelli, the Arboretum’s Horticultural Supervisor, will join a discussion about our local water reality and actions you can take to become more efficient in your water usage. Jill heads the team at Crescent Farm, our water conservation demonstration landscape. The Arboretum is a co-sponsor of the Water 101 Forum, July 27, 5:30-8:30pm at the Arcadia Library Auditorium. 

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Crescent Farm: See what the buzz is about at the Arboretum

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Los Angeles County’s Arboretum & Botanic Garden has bountiful attractions across its 127 acres, from towering trees to preening peacocks. Now it’s grown a new one: Crescent Farm.

The farm showcases modern and ancient water conservation practices—but it’s far from drab. This gallery of photographs offers a vivid sneak peek at a colorful spread that has visitors—of both the human and insect varieties—buzzing.

Dig It! Gangsta Gardener Ron Finley at Crescent Farm

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“Everybody’s a gardener. It was the first position on Earth.” So says “gangsta gardener” and popular TED speaker Ron Finley, who landed in the news when his vegetable-packed garden on the strip of land between the street and his sidewalk in South Los Angeles earned him citations from the city. He fought city hall and won, getting the law changed in the process to allow parkway gardens like his that feed him as well as neighbors. It was a notable victory in the often frustrated “eco-lution” of urban gardening. It brought him international press coverage, and made him a prominent subject in Delila Vallot’s John Legend-produced documentary “Can You Dig This?” which he is still promoting. 

Finley will speak at Saturday’s grand opening of the Arboretum’s Crescent Farm, which is dedicated to water conservation. Like Crescent Farm’s stewards, he is a passionate advocate of utilizing available resources. 

Spontaneous Artwork by local Ecoartists

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Artistic Lasagna Mulching

by Jeeyun Ha!

Artfully placed Dracaena draco leaves and Eucalyptus bark from our green waste pile covers cardboard, suppresses weed growth and retains moisture for the plants it shelters. The trees also benefit from the water snagging swale to the left and the lasagna mulch around (but NOT touching) the trunk.

Thank you Jeeyun, it’s beautiful!

We thank these donors for their generous support.