We all feel a sense of contentment when surrounded by beautiful plants and trees, especially at home. But when lawns turn an unsightly brown and landscapes suffer due to water restrictions, we lose that sense of serenity.

Crescent Farm, located in heart of the Arboretum, provides a venue for you to discover the joys of Southern California gardens that are adapted to a dry climate! At Crescent Farm you’ll find:

A timely landscape dedicated to water conservation, innovation and creation.

Nine core water harvesting techniques that can be replicated in any yard.

A four-season California native flower meadow, a Mediterranean and subtropical fruit orchard, polyculture food production, arid climate plant ideas, low water lawn alternatives.

Methods to build habitat for a vibrant array of birds, butterflies, insects and wildlife.

Our wonderful crew of Crescent Farmers. Water is their crop, knowledge is their plow! Meet our farmers here.

Crescent Farm is open daily from 9:00 am to 4:30pm.