Saturday, November 17; 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Crescent Farm: Inviting Nature Into Your Garden

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Saturdays, 10:00am / Crescent Farm
Free for members / Free for non-members (with arboretum admission)
Instructor: Crescent Farm Staff – Leigh Adams, John Latsko

Learn about water conservation and sustainable gardening, with hands-on experience! The Crescent Farm, located in the heart of the Arboretum just west of Baldwin Lake, is a reclaimed landscape where we explore new and ancient horticulture techniques for water conservation and food production. This is an educational training series.  Please bring gloves, drinking water; wear close-toed shoes and a hat.

June 16 – Preparing the Landscape for the Hot Summer
Come discuss the value of preparing the drought-tolerant landscape for the heat and drought of summer and fall.  View and learn about techniques that you can apply in your landscape.

July 21 – Crescent Farm For Beginners
On this day participants will learn the basics about the Crescent Farm – how its topography captures water; how wise plant choices can save water AND provide habitat and delight all year.
Learn about the educational mission of the project and enjoy first hand conversation with one its principle gardeners.

September 21 (Friday) – Amaranth Harvest Gathering
Please join us in welcoming Seed Travels, an international community-building project organized around the sharing of the amaranth seed, a highly-nutritious pre-contact staple grain indigenous to the Americas.  Visiting the Crescent Farm will be members of Qachuu Aloom farmers’ association from Rabinal, Guatemala and The Garden’s Edge from New Mexico.  Please come learn about the history of this ancient seed at hands-on workshop.  The event will start with the honoring of the harvest to give thanks to the growth cycle before moving on to the winnowing and popping of the seeds.

October 20 – Meadow Planting
Join the many who’ve enjoyed our continuously flowering meadow!  Learn how easy it is to make such magic happen using native and compatible flowers from seed!  We’ll make seed balls for everyone to enjoy and launch!

November 17 – Hands-On Lasagna Mulching Workshop
Whether you are smiling at the title or find yourself intrigued, be sure to clear your schedule for this workshop! From creating natural raised beds just outside your door, to covering the back forty, sheet mulch will bring to life extremely beautiful, low-maintenance, low-cost gardens. Using what you have on hand or can source locally is true sustainable gardening. We will have a visual presentation and a hands-on activity where you will actually help us to transform inactive ground into fertile, resilient soil, for planting this fall.

You can also utilize this method with your own green waste to build fertile productive soil. In addition, this is a fabulous method for removing your lawn and reducing the weed load as you transition into a water wise landscape. Bring gloves, a hat, water and wear closed toe shoes. This will be a fun party-like community garden activity unlike those you have experienced before so invite your friends too! This party may run overtime so keep your schedule open!

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Free for members / Free for non-members (with arboretum admission)

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