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Saturday, December 7; 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Herbs for the Hair

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December 7, 10am
Instructor: Irena Stathis
$35 Arboretum members
$45 non-members (Includes Arboretum Admission)


The ritual of caring for the hair and scalp is incredibly important as it is the area of the body that HOUSES the MIND. Cleansing the hair and conditioning the scalp with infused botanical oils and floral waters rejuvenates the mind, filling one up with the healing frequencies of the plants’ aromatics. This holistic practice softens the hair and supports the flow and movement of nutrition and cleansing for the scalp via the circulation, calming and strengthening the mind.  We will practice various techniques for infusing and blending botanicals for hair rinses, conditioners and massage oils.

Come discover the many floral and verdant botanicals that benefit the hair and learn how to include them in your own home routine!


Ritual & Sacred Baths

November 2, 1:30pm
Instructor: Irena Stathis
$35 Arboretum members
$45 non-members (Includes Arboretum Admission)


Plants are living beings with the innate capacity to heal themselves and others. Their potent aromas and healing virtues are readily transmitted into fragrant, purifying waters.

Come delve into the rituals and mysteries of bathing with plants!! In this class, we will be exploring three different forms of working with floral and botanical waters for healing, beauty, radiance and relaxation:

– Whole Body Bathing

– Facial and Body Steams

– Foot Baths

Through these methods of immersion, we will be exploring the healing aspects of plants through the medium of WATER.  Come discover their many applications for the mind, digestion, pain relief, sleep disorders, stress and more!

FOOT Baths:

The feet have an immense amount of blood supply flowing through them all the time, this provides a direct access for botanicals to the WHOLE BODY via the circulation of the feet. A foot bath is a wonderful way to bring herbal medicines into the body without having to consume anything AND it’s incredibly relaxing and soothing for the whole person.

WHOLE BODY Baths and Steams:

An ancient practice found in many traditions across the globe, bathing and steaming with plants envelopes the body with healing aromatics and the deeply penetrating actions of the herbs. Warming and stimulating to the circulation, these vital methods open up the pores and energy channels relieving blockages in the lymph and fluids of the body

** Participants will have the opportunity to experience their own Foot Bath and Facial Steam.



Questions?  Please call the Education Department at 626.821.4623


$35 per session Arboretum members
$45 non-members (Includes Arboretum Admission)

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Questions? Please call the Education Department at 626.821.4623.

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