The Peacock in the History of Art - The Arboretum
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Sunday, December 8; 1:30PM - 3:00PM

The Peacock in the History of Art

About This Event

Peacocks have always attracted and challenged artists. They are found in ancient art and in the gardens and menageries of the wealthy and powerful. Their beauty insured them a place in religion and mythology and a number of odd beliefs were held regarding peafowl. A common early belief was that they were capable of eating poisons without suffering any harm. Presumably because they ate snakes. It was also believed that their flesh did not decay after death. They could be found on the banquet tables of the ancient Romans and well into the Renaissance they were a dish fit for a king. In the Victorian era they became more popular than ever in art. Some of these works of art will be examined and the history of their occupation of the Arboretum. A history talk by Mitchell Hearns Bishop, Arboretum Curator of Living Collections. Members free; included in admission.

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