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Saturday, March 2; 10:00AM - 12:00PM

What Tree Is That?

Located in Bamboo Room/Arboretum grounds

About This Event

Saturdays: 2/2/13, 3/2/13, 4/13/13, 5/11/13
Bamboo Room
Jerry Turney, Instructor
$25 Arboretum members per class/$30 per non-member (include Arboretum admission)
Please call the Class Reservation Line at 626.821.4623 for information or to register for a class.

Do you know the trees of Southern California? We have one of the most
diverse urban forests in the USA. This class will teach you about 15 different trees on each of four Saturdays for a total of 60 trees, beginning on February 2, 2013. Each one hour lecture will cover 15 tree species followed by a walk in the Arboretum to see the trees that were covered during the lecture.

Dr. Jerrold Turney, plant pathologist and certified arborist, will teach you to identify trees, their growth habit, their native country, how they should be cared for, any common diseases or insect pests that attack them, and the best place in your garden to plant them.

Dr. Turney has served as the curator of the camellia gardens at the Huntington Library and Botanic Gardens, a research horticulturist at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, and is currently the plant pathologist for the Department of Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures for the County of Los Angeles.

Arboretum Tree Class 2/2/2013-Jerry Turney

1 Magnolia x soulangeana, Saucer Magnolia or Tulip Tree.
2 Magnolia grandiflora, Southern Magnolia.
3 Magnolia stellata, Star Magnolia.
4 Cornus florida, Flowering Dogwood, Eastern Dogwood
5 Tabebuia impetiginosa, Pink Trumpet Tree, Bignoniaceae
6 Tabebuia chrysotricha, Golden Trumpet Tree, Bignoniaceae
7 Pittosporum undulatum, Victorian Box
8 Brachychiton acerifolius, Australian Flame Tree
9 Brachychiton populnues, Bottle Tree
10 Quercus agrifolia California Coast Live Oak
11 Quercus engelmannii Engelman Oak
12 Quercus robur, English Oak
13 Liriodendron tulipifera, Tulip Tree
14 Liquidambar styraciflua, American Sweet Gum
15 Liquidambar orientalis, Oriental Sweet Gum
16 Chionanthus retusus, Chinese Fringe Tree
17 Chorisia speciosa, Floss Silk Tree
18 Chorisia insignis, White Silk Floss
19 Jacaranda mimosifolia, Jacaranda Tree
20 Alnus rhombifolia, White Alder
21 Platanus racemosa, Western Sycamor


$25 Arboretum members per class/$30 per non-member (include Arboretum admission)

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