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Hosted by Matt-Dell & Rebecca Tufenkian

8 Thursdays / 9:30am – 12:00 noon 

Connect with a diverse network of local experts from every gardening realm under the sun. Emboldening new gardeners and inspiring seasoned horticulturalists, this class can help anyone deepen their knowledge of the plant kingdom and revitalize their home landscapes.

Each class begins with an open discussion which may or may not include: show & tell, current events, culture tips, pest problems, and introductions of new plants. The class will also include lectures or hands-on workshops from the following speakers.

$140 for the series or $25 per class 

Questions? Please call the Education Department 626-821-4623

All classes in this series are eligible for Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) Continuing Education hours.

Many of the classes in this series are eligible for UC Master Gardener Continuing Education hours – please contact Valerie at for more information on which classes are eligible.”

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Fall 2018

Sept 13, Yvonne Savio – Chelsea Flower Show
Yvonne shares with us photos from this world-famous garden show including Prince Charles’ Highgrove Organic Sustainable Garden and “Mother” of Cottage Gardening, Marjery Fish. She will discuss discovering techniques of English Gardening that can be used in Southern California.

Sept 20, Christopher Nyerges – Foraging California
Former Arboretum Senior Biologist, Dr. Leonid Enari, emphasized that the way to learn about plants was to understand their familial relationships. Based the methods learned from Dr. Enari, Christopher Nyerges explains how he put together his book, Foraging California, which explains that there are many safe families of plants that can be used for food in our state.

Sept 27, Field Trip to Grand Park with Frank McDonough
Frank will lead us on a discovery tour of one of Downtown Los Angeles garden treasures. Grand Park is not only a beautiful public space; but also, it is home to an amazing number of plant species – both common and collectible.

Oct 4, Matt & Dan – Potensai 
A bonsai-in-training is also known as a potensai. Only certain plants can be used for this art form Matt & Dan will cover the history and traditions of this ancient practice.

Oct 11, Rebecca Tufenkian – Horticultural Therapy
The use of gardening as therapy for mental and physical ailments can be traced back to ancient times. We will cover an overview of the Horticultural Therapy philosophy and explore what different types of therapeutic gardens might look like.

Oct 18, David Bleistein – Palm Problems and Solutions
Palms are one of the things that make living in Southern California special. You see them everywhere you go. They can give shade, edible fruit, and fiber for clothes. They give a special kind of graceful beauty that nothing else does. But, like all living things palms have their needs and nuisances. David Bleistein loves palms, but also understands that passionate love has to be tempered with prudence and care to keep sorrow at bay. He is an attorney, palm enthusiast, past President and present Treasurer of the Palm Society of Southern California. He has a half-acre garden composed mostly of about 100 species of palms.

Oct 25, Steve Brown – History of Brown’s Geraniums
Steve Brown, heir to Brown’s Geranium Farm, will tell us the story of his family’s plant business in Encinitas. He will take us back to a time when a desire for geraniums spanned nationally and internationally, and how his family innovated production to meet this demand.

Nov 1, Matt: The Genera Cycus
Cycads are living fossils – endangered species plants that have existed since the Jurassic age, over 250 million years ago. They have survived rampaging dinosaurs, ice ages, comets hitting the earth, and every imaginable natural disaster. Cycads have become popular landscape plants and people have come to appreciate their primitive and exotic beauty, as well as their rarity and value. This increased interest has been accompanied by an unfortunate rise in pressure on wild cycad populations in habitat. When you grow and nurture a nursery-grown cycad, you participate in worldwide endangered species preservation and conservation.

11/8 and 11/15 will be Succulent Wreath Classes with Rebecca Tufenkian at $45 each 
Looking for a new centerpiece for your summer table? Come to our class and make your own. Succulent wreaths are fun to make and a beautiful addition to your home decor. During this hands-on class, we will make our own wreath, which will grow out into to a lush and lively centerpiece for any table. (Materials fee is included in the class tuition.)

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$140 for the series / $25 per class (includes Arboretum admission)

Questions? Please call the Education Department at 626.821.4623

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