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Hosted by Matt-Dell & Rebecca Tufenkian
8 Thursdays / 9:30am – 12noon / Palm Room
$140 for the series / $25 per class (includes Arboretum admission)

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Each class begins with an open discussion which may or may not include: show & tell, current events, culture tips, pest problems, and introductions of new plants. The class will also include lectures or hands-on workshops from the following speakers.
Fall 2016: September 15 – November 3 (Sept 15, 22, 29, Oct 6, 13, 20, 27, Nov 3)

Call the Education Department at 626.821.4623 to register or pay at the class

January 12   Matt Tufenkian-Propagating Pelargoniums from Cuttings

Ever wanted to learn more about growing your own easy-care, great-smelling, and beautiful drought-tolerant plants? Now is your chance. Join Matt-Dell as he teaches us how to start our own baby plants from seeds and cuttings.

January 19, Lili Singer-Hum on In! Gardening with Our Tiniest Birds

Few creatures are more beloved and admired than hummingbirds, and many species spend all or part of the year in this region. This illustrated lecture discusses how to create, plant and maintain a garden that attracts and supports these little avian wonders year round.

January 26,    Jo O’Connell-Australian Native Plants

Celebrate Australia Day with Australian Native Plants! Jo O’Connell will share her plant knowledge with us and bring some of her plants to show and sell. Her nursery, Australian Native Plants, was established in the early 1990’s, with the help of her husband, Byron Cox. From the beginning, their vision was to provide plants that are hardy, drought tolerant, cut flower producing, and bird attracting.

February 2, January Nordman-The Nature of Permaculture; Building Gardens & Community

What would our lives look like if we could weave vibrant habitats throughout our sprawling metropolitan landscape? How do we begin to heal a world that is at odds with itself? Permaculture offers some possible solutions to these questions, as well as a challenge to how we can lead more fulfilling, authenticate lives as we confront the unknown of our current climate of chaos.

January Nordman is a native plant landscape designer whose life long passion has been healthy habitats and water systems. She has been actively engaged in permaculture projects for almost a decade. Examples of her work can be seen at Throop Learning Garden and the Altadena Library Water Conservation Garden.

February 9, Rebecca Tufenkian-Gardens of Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown LA is often thought of as being a cement jungle; but more often than not, it is spotted with beautiful gardens and green spaces. Join us on a virtual tour of Downtown Los Angeles, and enjoy the gardens without the blisters and shinsplints.

February 16, Brandon Walker-Irrigation Overview

Now is the time re-think your irrigation system. This class will cover different methods of irrigation, including drip vs. spray, as well as ways to work with the new municipal watering restrictions. Brandon Walker is Co-Owner/Operator at J. Harold Mitchell Supply. He brings with him a lifetime of experience working in professional irrigation.

February 23, Susan Eubank-How to Work with Your Climate: Arboretum Library Resources for Better Gardening

The Arboretum Library is filled with materials about plants and gardens. Susan Eubank, Arboretum Librarian, will show you the best ones to make you a better gardener wherever you live and no matter how much rain comes out of the sky. Susan Eubank has worked in three climates in three botanic garden libraries for almost twenty years and she’s eager to have you dive into the depths of the Library

March 2,  Edwina Pellikka- A History of Plant Based Fabrics & Plant Based Dyes

Edwina Pellikka earned a Master’s Degree in Fine Art, Painting and Printing in London, England. She attended Chelsea School of Art; Byam Shaw School of Drawing, Painting, and Printing; and London College of Printing. Later, Edwina held a two and a half year apprenticeship at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in dyeing, printing, and breakdown of fabrics and costumes, during which time she achieved Master Craft status.

In America, Edwina worked with ACT in San Fransisco, Berkeley Rep., the UC-Berkley Theatre Department, Denver Center Theatre Company, La Jolla Playhouse, and Ashland Shakespeare Festival. Soon afterwards, Edwina was called by LucasFilm for a 9-month stint dyeing fabric, hand airbrushing, and aging all the monsters for his third film in the Star Wars series, “Return of the Jedi”, which ultimately afforded her the opportunity to open A Dyeing Art in Los Angeles.

Spring 2017:

March 9 *Field Trip* Less Common Australian Trees at The Huntington Kathy Musial

Beyond Eucalyptus! This talk will look at some interesting trees of Australia that can be grown in Southern California, some familiar (Brachychiton) and some little-known even in other botanical gardens (Hernandia). One might expect that many of these trees are from the dry areas of Australia, but many plants from the rainforests of Queensland have proven adaptable here. Talk will be followed by a walk in the Australian Garden. Please wear comfortable shoes.

Kathy Musial is Curator of Living Collections at the Huntington Botanical Gardens, and has been on the staff since 1982. She has a particular interest in the flora of Australia, and has travelled there many times. She was a long-time board member of the Southern California Horticultural Society and the Pacific Horticultural Foundation, and has authored or edited numerous publications. She has travelled widely as tour leader and to study plants in places such as Australia, Chile, China, Ecuador, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and Taiwan.

March 16, Matt Tufenkian, Landscaping with Herbs and Edibles

Edible plants can be beautiful too! Learn the practical applications of a wide variety of useful plants that can create attractive gardens that are useful.

March 23, Frank McDonough – 5 Things That Will Completely Blow Your Mind About Trees!

In caring for your trees, what is the difference between success and failure? Frank McDonough’ the Arboretum’s resident answer man, will reveal all we have ever wanted to know about the trees around us.

March 30, Joe Brosius, Spring Blooming Plants

Magic Growers Production Manager, Joe Brosius is responsible for propagating and growing all plant material products and is a partner in the nursery. He will bring a wide array of plants from his nursery to show and tell. Joe is a past president of the L.A. chapter of California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers (CANGC). He received his BS. degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo.

April 6, Jill Morganelli, Favorite Places at the Arboretum

Jill Morganelli is the Arboretum’s Horticultural Supervisor and staff organic gardening specialist. We will walk through some of her favorite parts of the Arboretum, while she illuminates some of the plant and design choices employed. Please wear walking shoes and sun protection.

April 13, Laura Bauer, Designing with Natives and Near Natives

Drought-tolerant” doesn’t have to mean cactus and lava rock! Garden Designer, Laura Bauer, shares her experience using water-wise plants from California and beyond.

April 20, Laramee Haynes – Propagation

Propagating your own plants can be a rewarding and truly green hobby. Making cuttings, divisions and planting seeds can be surprisingly easy. Like very slow cooking, follow the recipe and Mother Nature will help you succeed. Knowledge makes all thumbs green! The results can be added to your garden or shared with family and friends. This class will cover and demonstrate basic techniques that you can do at home. A handout is provided with a list of easy to propagate plants.

April 27, Leigh Adams – Water Harvesting Design

Interpretive Horticulturalist and Creator of the Crescent Garden, Leigh Adams will give us an overview of her water harvesting techniques in private client gardens.

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$140 for the series / $25 per class (includes Arboretum admission)

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Hosted by Matt-Dell & Rebecca Tufenkian
8 Thursdays / 9:30am – 12:00pm / Palm Room

Each class begins with an open discussion which may or may not include: show & tell, current events, culture tips, pest problems, and introductions of new plants. The class will also include lectures or hands-on workshops from the following speakers.

Call 626.821.4623 to register or pay at the class

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