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    The Arboretum is committed to the safety of our community.  We have received approval from the LA County Department of Public Health to host modified onsite summer camps this year.  Per State and County guidelines, we will have a maximum of 11 socially-distanced campers per week, and several safety protocols will be in place.  All of our weekly camp spaces are currently spoken for, however if you are interested in joining the wait list for a specific camp, please email Brooke Applegate, Youth Education Manager, at, and include a) the camps you are interested in, b) your children’s names, c) your children’s ages, and d) the best phone number to reach you at.  If free spaces become available, they will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please note that we currently have several people on each week’s wait list.  For additional information, please call (626) 821-5897.   


    Embark on an exciting adventure!

    Embark on a new adventure at Arboretum Summer Nature Camp!  Designed to provide children with exciting hands-on experiences, our summer camp features a different theme each week that is sure to inspire children from all walks of life. By integrating playful exploration of our gardens with nature-themed science and art activities, Arboretum Nature Camp unlocks entirely new avenues for children to learn and explore at their own pace while fostering meaningful relationships with peers. From bizarre botany experiments and cooking adventures to cultural discoveries and insect explorations, Arboretum Nature Camp offers something for everyone. One of the most affordable camps in the area, Arboretum Nature Camp helps to foster a connection with nature through unforgettable, joyful experiences. Come explore with us!

    Ages: 5 – 10 years old
    Schedule:  Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
    Cost per Week: Members $360; Non-members $400
    *10% sibling discount available.  Please contact Denise Lu at after you register to receive the discount.

    Please see Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more!




    Session 1: June 8-June 12

    Flowers that send coded messages, plants that eat insects, vegetables that look like sheep……. Nature is weird!  In this camp, we will discover the wacky and wonderful side of nature through unusual botanic explorations and bizarre plant experiments.  We will dissect flowers, feed carnivorous plants, and even train vegetables to make music!   -WAIT LIST ONLY 



    Session 2: June 15-June 19

    Travel the world through plants!  Each day of this camp, we will go on a different global adventure to explore the ways in which people all over the world have used plants to enrich their lives, survive in their environments, and shape their cultures.  We will make our own chocolate from bean to bar, create pottery, decorate wishing trees, and discover botanic cures and remedies all while exploring the different cultural regions of the gardens!  WAIT LIST ONLY



    Session 3: June 22-June 26

    Why are worms superheroes?  How do bees keep us alive?  What happens to a caterpillar inside a chrysalis?  What makes a Madagascar Hissing cockroach hiss?  We will discover the answers to these critter questions and so many more in this fun and engaging camp aimed to foster an appreciation for biodiversity, promote empathy for all living things, and allow children to get up close and personal with our resident animals.  Camp will culminate with a peacock party!  -WAIT LIST ONLY



    Session 4: July 6-July 10

    A magical world awaits!  From fairytales and mythology to medicine and more, nature has inspired magic throughout human history.  While going on quests to the mystical gardens of the Arboretum, we will use nature to create wizard wands, fairy gardens, potions, and even and botanical magic tricks!  WAIT LIST ONLY



    Session 5: July 13-July 17

    From powerful pollen to mighty mushrooms, nature is full of superheroes that humans depend on for survival!  In this camp, we will explore how plants protect us, fortify us, and work together to create the wonderous place we call earth.  Each camper will create their own superhero plant identify and design its costume complete with superhero powers and adaptations!  -WAIT LIST ONLY



    Session 6: July 20-July 24

    Do you love solving mysteries? Are you curious about the wonders of the outdoors? Come investigate the mysterious world of nature with us!  As we transform into little detectives, we will we explore clues and follow trails that lead to solving daily mysteries in nature, uncovering exciting facts not easily discovered without an investigative eye!  -WAIT LIST ONLY



    Session 7: July 27-July 31

    Calling all little chefs!  It’s time to cook up a feast using the bounty of the earth.  In this camp, we will learn how to plant and harvest our own food, design creative recipes, and create delicious culinary masterpieces to take home and enjoy with our families, from sun teas and jams to solar pizzas and rainbow salads.  After exploring the many edible crops of the gardens, this camp will culminate with a family feast that families can attend!  -WAIT LIST ONLY



    Session 8: August 3-August 7

    Take a closer look!  What wonders lie within soil?  What treasures can be found underneath a leaf?  In this camp, we will explore the micro side of nature, from tiny insects to the world’s smallest flower found right here at the Arboretum!  We will embark on adventures throughout the gardens with magnifying equipment and field journals, and discover how the smallest things like seeds, bacteria, and insects make some of the biggest impacts on our world.  It’s not just the little things in life that matter- It’s the life in the little things!  -WAIT LIST ONLY



    Session 9: August 10-August 14

    Let your inner artist bloom at the Arboretum!  With the beautiful gardens as our inspiration, we will create daily masterpieces using natural materials and explore different mediums of art, from pottery and painting to flower crowns and living jewelry.  We will even create our own “cardboard county” using recycled materials!  -WAIT LIST ONLY

    For questions, please call 626.821.4623 or see below:


    What does a normal day of camp look like?
    Arboretum Nature Camps combine guided, counselor-facilitated activities with free-choice group explorations of the gardens, allowing for both structured and unstructured fun.  We provide engaging, hands-on, themed experiences aimed at inspiring wonder and appreciation for nature while also naturally encouraging social-emotional learning through peer interaction.  Camper drop-off takes place between 8:45am and 9am, followed by 30 minutes of free-choice learning and play, after which we begin our counselor-facilitated activities.  Outdoor explorations of the gardens come next, followed by lunch. We have our next round of counselor-facilitated activities after lunch, followed by outdoor explorations of the gardens, and we end with 30 minutes of free-choice learning and play, during which campers have time to experiment with the various items they created throughout the day. Camp activities include such things as STEAM projects, crafts, science experiments, storytelling, and more.

    Do you offer a complimentary snack?
    No, we do not offer snacks for campers because of the growing concern for food allergies.  We recommend packing a snack for your camper.  We have a snack time at around 11am and 3:30pm.

    Can we buy lunch?
    Yes!  You can purchase lunch from the Peacock Café.  It is $5 per day.  We MUST receive all lunch order forms by noon on the Friday before your camp week.

    What is the maximum number of campers per day at camp?
    We can enroll up to 40 children in Spring Nature Camp.

    Do you allow 4 year olds at camp?
    4 year olds may register for camp if they will by 5 by the time they attend.

    Do you allow 11 year olds at camp?
    Because our program is specifically designed for the ages and stages of 4 to 10 year olds, we do not allow children 11 and over to enroll in camp. 

    Do you offer refunds?
    There are no refunds for cancellations within 7 days of the start of camp. For all other cancellations, your payment will be refunded minus a 10% processing fee.

    What kind of membership allows me to get the member discount?
    Individuals holding memberships at the Family level and above receive a member discount for children within their household.  Individual, Senior, and Teacher/Student membership levels do not qualify for a camp discount.

    Can I purchase camp for my friend’s children under my Family membership?
    No- If you have a Family membership, the camp discount only applies to children within your household.

    Can I get the 10% sibling discount if I purchase camp for my children and my nieces and nephews?
    No- The 10% discount is only available to siblings within your household, not nieces, nephews, or other children.

    What if my membership expires before the week of camp my child is registered for?
    So long as your membership is active at the time of purchase, you will receive the member discount.

    What if my child is sick?
    If your child is sick, please call in and we will give you a credit for the day or days of camp your child misses.  There are no monetary refunds.

    Do you offer extended care hours?
    We will not be offering extended care outside of the hours of 9am and 5pm.

    Do you offer half day, single day, or hourly options?
    We do not.  Arboretum Nature Camp is only available for full-day session.

    Are children always under supervision?
    Of course! Your child is always being supervised at Nature Camp, including during free-choice play and outdoor garden explorations.

    Do you ever leave the Arboretum grounds?
    No, we always stay within the Arboretum’s grounds.

    Can my friend pick up my child from camp?
    Yes, only if you have notified us beforehand.  We must have this information prior to pick up. We will not release your child to someone who is not on your alternate pickup list.

    *For more information, please contact Brooke Applegate ( or 626.821.5897).

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