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    Embark on a new adventure at Arboretum Summer Nature Camp!  Designed to provide children with exciting hands-on experiences, our summer camp features a different theme each week that is sure to inspire children from all walks of life. By integrating playful exploration of our gardens with nature-themed science and art activities, Arboretum Nature Camp unlocks entirely new avenues for children to learn and explore at their own pace while fostering meaningful relationships with peers. From science experiments and cooking adventures to cultural discoveries and insect explorations, Arboretum Nature Camp offers something for everyone. One of the most affordable camps in the area, Arboretum Nature Camp helps to foster a connection with nature through unforgettable, joyful experiences. Come explore with us! For more information, please contact Brooke Applegate at or (626) 821-5897.

    June 6th – August 12th 2022

    Weeks 1- 8 are for children ages 5 to 10.

    Week 9, “Little Sprouts,” is for children 4 years old exclusively.

    COST: $400 members; $430 non-members

    SCHEDULE: Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm

    Click HERE for the Camp Frequently Asked Questions page.


    Week 1: CRITTER CAMP – June 6th to 10th – 9am-5pm

    Sometimes the smallest of critters can have the biggest impact on the world! In this camp, we will take a closer look at the tinier inhabitants of the earth, from snails and lizards to pollinators and tardigrades, and discover the fascinating ways they survive and thrive!  


    Week 2: BUDDING ARTISTS – June 13th to 17th – 9am-5pm

    Let your inner artist bloom! With the beautiful gardens as our inspiration, we will create daily masterpieces using natural materials and explore different mediums of art. From pottery and paintings to liquid rainbows and edible sculptures, get ready to create!


    Week 3: COSMIC CAMP – June 20th to 24th – 9am-5pm

    Blast off at the Arboretum! Step beyond the layers of the earth’s atmosphere and into a cosmic world of planets and constellations as we explore the science and nature of outer space. The universe awaits!


    Week 4: GARDEN CHEFS – June 27th to July 1st – 9am-5pm


    Calling all little chefs! It’s time to cook up a feast using the bounty of the earth. In this camp, we will create delicious culinary masterpieces while learning about fruits, vegetables, spices, and more earthen edibles! 

    (*Includes a $40 materials fee)      


    Week 5: MYSTERY SCIENCE CAMP 3000 – July 11th to 15th – 9am-5pm

    In the not-too-distant future, this summer A.D., …. campers will uncover the mysteries of planet earth! Each day we will open two different “mystery boxes” containing fascinating natural items, from archaeological tools to living insects, and discover the science and history behind them!


    Week 6: HOWL AT THE MOON – July 18th to July 22nd – 9am-5pm

    Why do tigers have stripes? How do owls hunt at night? Do wolves really howl at the moon? In this camp, we will learn about the world of apex predators, and discover why these often-misunderstood animals are so important to the natural balance of the earth while gaining a deeper appreciation for these powerful creatures.


    Week 7: THE MAGIC GARDEN – July 25th to July 29th – 9am-5pm

    A magical world awaits! From fairytales and mythology to medicine and holidays, nature has inspired magical thinking throughout human history. While embarking on quests throughout the mystical gardens of the Arboretum, we will explore the folk beliefs and magical traditions sparked by nature across different cultures and develop our own nature wizard characters as well!


    Week 8: CAMP HOLLYWOOD – August 1st to 5th – 9am-5pm

    Where have dinosaurs roamed, anacondas hunted, Tarzan swung, and Jungle Books come to life? At the Arboretum! In this camp, we will explore the famous filming sites of the garden and discover how the Arboretum has been transformed throughout the decades to create cinematic worlds while learning fun facts about the flora and fauna represented in those movies. We will conclude with a Q&A with a local film crew and create camper movies of our own using the Arboretum as our backdrop!



    *Week 9: LITTLE SPROUTS – August 8th to 12th (*Exclusively for 4 year olds) – 9am-2:30pm

    Little Sprouts is the Arboretum’s first-ever early-learner camp! Exclusively for children four years old, this camp is intended to provide young children with a positive first camp experience, with a focus on discovering the magic of nature in a safe, fun, and nurturing setting. (Children must be 4 years old at the time of the camp in order to participate.) 


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