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    In our increasingly technological society, many children have never been more starved for meaningful contact with nature. By integrating playful exploration of our gardens with nature-themed arts and science lessons, our Summer Nature Camp unlocks entirely new avenues for kids to learn.

    Whether for your own children or grandchildren, or for the children of your friends or family, our Nature Camp program can motivate, engage, and inspire any of the kids in your life.

    Do you have questions about what a normal day looks like?  Please read our Letter to Parents Describing Camp and you will be a Nature Camp pro!  At the bottom of the page also see Frequently Asked Questions and find out more! Our camp also has a camper to counselor ratio of less than 5:1, one of the best ratios of any camp in the LA area.

    Dates: One-Week Summer Sessions (M-F) Session 2-9 Themes are here!  More detailed descriptions coming soon!

    Register Here – Session 5: July 08-12: International Week, Celebrating Diversity
    Join us as we explore the human-nature relationship around the world! We will learn about the ways in which humans have used and interacted with nature throughout time and across cultures to create shelter, tools, art, medicine, calendars, food, instruments, and much more. We will also “travel the world” by exploring the international garden microcosms throughout the Arboretum grounds!

    Register Here – Session 6: July 15-19: From Land to Sea, it’s all Connected
    The world is full of interconnected systems! In this camp, we will discover the ways in which land, air, and aquatic creatures all play a part in their shared and separate ecosystems, and the ways in which seemingly unconnected elements all influence each other. While exploring the concepts of biomes, watersheds, and feedback loops, we will learn about waste awareness and water-wise solutions, and the role we as humans play in the matrix of it all.

    Register Here – Session 7: July 22-26: Marvelous Mammals
    What are mammals? When did they first emerge? What makes them unique? Come discover the answer to these questions and more as we explore these amazing creatures from prehistoric times to present day! While learning about food chains, adaptations, and the specific mammals of the Arboretum, we will examine the various ways in which humans have been fascinated with and dependent upon their fellow mammals throughout time.

    Register Here – Session 8: July 29- August 02: The Earth, Our Friend
    As many as 8.7 million different forms of life call planet earth home, including us! Join us as we explore the different inhabitants of our planet, learn about its evolution through time, and gain a deeper appreciation for all this very special home provides us with. We will learn about the importance of trees, discover the wonder of soil, worms, and pollinators, and prepare a meal together from food provided to us by the earth. While creating upcycled art and examining everything from the earth’s core to its place in the universe, we will finish this week of camp with a deeper understanding of how to care for our friend, the earth.

    Register Here – Session 9: August 05-09: From Storybooks to Real Life
    Have you ever had tea with the Mad Hatter, or tried to give a pig a pancake? In this camp, you can! We will read a number of classic, inspiring children’s stories, and step inside their worlds to explore the art, science, and revelry found within each book’s pages.

    9:00-3:30 plus AM and PM Extended Care
    Extended Care:
    AM: 8:00-9:00 PM: 3:30-5:00
    Location: Ayres Hall Gate
    Ages: 5-11

    Fees (per session/ week):
    Full Week Member $325 / Non-member $360
    Daily Member $70 / Non-member $75
    Half Day Full Week Member $165 / Non-member $180
    Half Day Daily Member $35 / Non-member $40
    10% Sibling discount

    Extended Care: (per session/ week)
    Members: $30 for AM / $35 for PM
    Non-members: $35 for AM / $40 for PM
    T-shirt included in the price of registration.
    For more information, please contact Ted Tegart ( or 626.821.4623)

    Call 626.821.4623 to register for Summer Camp!


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What does a normal day of camp look like?
    Please see our Letter to Parents Describing Camp

    Do you offer a complimentary snack?
    No, we do not offer snacks for campers because of the growing concern for food allergies.
    We recommend packing a snack for your camper.  We have a snack time at around 9:45am and
    if your child is going to be staying with us for aftercare until 5:00pm, we recommend
    packing a second snack as well.

    Can we buy lunch?
    Yes!  You can purchase lunch from the Peacock Café.  It is $5 per day.  If you would like
    to purchase lunch for Monday, the order must be received by Friday the week before.

    What is the maximum number of campers per day at camp?
    We max out at 40 campers per day.

    Do you allow 4 year olds at camp?
    Our youngest age of camper is 5 years old.  You can sign up a current 4 year old for camp
    if they will turn 5 before they attend.

    Can I sign up my 12 year old for camp?
    Absolutely!  12 year olds are welcome at camp, however, please note that they will likely
    be the oldest camper and that camp is structured for 5-11 year olds.  If we have a 12 year
    old camper, we do our best to engage them at their level.

    Do you offer refunds?
    We will offer a refund two weeks before camp; however, there is a $25 processing fee.  If
    it is less than two week before camp, there are no refunds offered.

    Can I get the 10% sibling discount if I purchase camp for my children and my nieces and nephews?
    The 10% discount would only be available to your children, not nieces, nephews or other children.

    Can I purchase camp for my friends kids under my family membership?
    Unfortunately, if you have a family membership, you will only get the membership discount for
    your children.

    What if my membership expires before the week of camp my child is registered for?
    You must have an active membership during the week of camp that your child is registered for.  If your membership expires before your week of camp, you must renew it or you will be charged the non-member price.

    What if my child is sick?
    If your child is sick, please call in and we will give you a credit for the day or days of camp
    your child misses.  There are no monetary refunds.

    Is the extended care cost per day?
    No, the cost is per week.  Example:  Mornings: 8:00-9:00am; $25 members; $30 non-members.

    Are children always under supervision?
    Of course! Your child is always being supervised at Nature Camp

    Do you ever leave the Arboretum grounds?
    No, we always stay within the Arboretum’s grounds

    Can my friend pick up my child from camp?
    Yes, only if you have notified us beforehand.  We must have this information prior to pick up.
    We will not release your child to someone who is not on your alternate pickup list.

    For more information, please contact Ted Tegart ( or 626.821.4623).


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