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  • Saturdays, 10:00am / Crescent Farm

    Free for members / Free for non-members (with arboretum admission)

    Instructor: Crescent Farm Staff – Leigh Adams, John Latsko

    Learn about water conservation and sustainable gardening, with hands-on experience! The Crescent Farm, located in the heart of the Arboretum just west of Baldwin Lake, is a reclaimed landscape where we explore new and ancient horticulture techniques for water conservation and food production. This is an educational training series.  Please bring gloves, drinking water; wear close-toed shoes and a hat.


    January 20 – Lasagna Mulching

    Using what you have on hand or can source locally is truly sustainable gardening.  This workshop will show you how using cardboard and mulch will build fertile productive soil. This is also a proven method for removing your lawn and reducing the weed load as you transition into a water wise landscape. There will be a visual presentation and a hands-on activity where you will actually help us to build our new Crescent Farm.


    Feb 17 – Strategies for Infiltrating Water in the Garden

    Learn how to incorporate techniques for capturing rain water in your landscape. Explore the topographical features of the Crescent that were created to infiltrate run-off and simultaneously build soil.


    Mar 17 – Weaving

    Learn to use your bio-mass (plant waste) to create garden structures.  Simple weaving techniques can use leaves as cordage, branches as trellises, tomato cages, shade shelters, and various long lasting leaves as weavers.  Design and build compost structures, plant guards and soil traps in your own Crescent Garden.


    April 21 – Creating Bee Gardens & Attracting Pollinators

    ‘Bee’ introduced to our newest landscape inside the Crescent devoted to attracting our California native bees!  Enjoy a quick course on some of our bees and learn about their value and how easy it is to bring them to your garden!


    May 19 – Meadow Planting & Care

    Join the many who’ve enjoyed our continuously flowering meadow!  Learn how easy it is to make such magic happen using native and compatible flowers from seed!  We’ll make seed balls for everyone to enjoy and launch!


    June 16 – Preparing the Landscape for a Hot Summer

    Come discuss the value of preparing the drought-tolerant landscape for the heat and drought of summer and fall.  View and learn about techniques that you can apply in your landscape.

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