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  • Plant Information on Zoom

    Join Arboretum Botanical Information Consultant Frank McDonough every first Wednesday of the month for monthly topics ranging from tomato growing and what’s in bloom. Bring your plant questions! This is a free virtual class, registration is required. Check out our calendar page for dates. Resuming in March

    Zoom! Crescent Farm Workshop: Creating Habitats at Crescent Farm

    January 29 – Join John Latsko, Arboretum Interpretive Horticulturist at the Crescent for this virtual workshop. Learn from examples in the Crescent, what you can do in your home garden or patio – to provide habitat for the many creatures that are beneficial to the garden. Let’s contribute to securing their survival. Register here.

    Zoom! Therapeutics of Gardening

    February 12 – Let’s discuss the positive impact gardening has on our physical, social, emotional and psychological well being! We’ll go over how to utilize universal designs when building a garden and how to create a garden space for a particular people group such as older adults, children, neurodivergent populations or people recovering from injury. Register here.

    Bawdy Botany for Adults

    February 12 – Join our adult-only night hike where you’ll discover the fascinating botany of love and lust. Register here.

    Zoom! Spring Vegetables for Home Garden

    March 5 – In this workshop you will learn how to choose the ideal spring vegetables for your own garden. We’ll review how to prioritize your gardening goals, maximize your available space, and work with the particular benefits and challenges of your yard. This crop by crop tour will cover some veggies that are well suited for home gardens and how to figure out which ones are right for you. Discussion will focus on site assessment, understanding crop varietals, and space planning, while also featuring tips on plant care, common pests and diseases, and more. This class is suitable for both beginning and intermediate gardeners. Register here.

    Pruning Plumeria

    April 23 – Learn how to correctly prune plumeria plants in this hands-on workshop in the LA Arboretum’s plumeria grove. After in-depth instruction covering why, how, and where to trim a tree, you will work with an experienced plumeria grower to prune one or more of the grove’s trees. Register here.

    Gardening in Minimal Space

    April 30 – From window sills and balconies to side yards or community plots, learn how to create a home garden to meet your needs. Elliott Kuhn, owner and cultivator of Cottonwood Urban Farm, will walk you through the basics of climate and seasons, seed starting, companion planting, fertilizing, and container necessities. Handouts and giveaways will accompany the presentation. Register here.

    Plumeria A-Z

    June 4 – Southern California has an ideal climate for plumeria! This hands-on workshop takes you through plumeria care, seeds, genetics, grafting and common problems. Register here.

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