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  • Introducing the Arboretum’s first-ever Whole-Family Yoga program!

    Click HERE to Register.  

    4 Week Saturday Series:  November 21, 28, December 5, 12

    Time: 11:15am-12pm

    Series Cost Per Person: $60 Members; $68 Non-Members

    Price includes admission to the Arboretum. 

    *For Arboretum members, remember to create your Arboretum account to get the discount at checkout. For instructions on how to create an account click here. To create an account click here.

    In this gentle, all-levels yoga series, we explore a nature-based theme each week with a correlating technique. Themes include Earth, Air, Mountains, and Fire. Immersed in the Arboretum’s natural tranquility, we will use our imaginations to deepen our body’s capacity to heal and strengthen itself while working on our grounding, calming, focus, and concentration. With the goal of building the strength of the Whole Family, everyone is welcome. See you outside!

    • WEEK 1: Earth- We will approach this class with a theme of grounding. When times are uncertain: we have a test we’re nervous about, an important meeting, or maybe just the world has us fuzzy- we ground ourselves! We find our center. We will learn poses and techniques that are about grounding-how can we stay in this present moment?
    • WEEK 2: Trees- This class will incorporate different breathing exercises! We have Bee’s breath, Lion’s breath, and more. We will talk about our integral relationship with the trees, and how breathing is the one thing we will do for our entire life! We will learn about how to involve our breath while we move and do yoga. How the breath leads us in this practice.
    • WEEK 3: Mountains- What we know about mountains is that they are still! What great teachers! In this class we will learn how to cultivate stillness. This class will be based around mindfulness techniques and balance! How can we balance our lives and our emotions? We do this through practicing balance in the body. We will learn about focus and concentration.
    • WEEK 4: Fire- What respect we have for fire! Let’s look at how much fire gives to us! This class will be about fire. We acknowledge how fire cooks our food and our food gives us energy. So this class we will break a sweat! We will learn how to create that internal heat in our bodies and how to direct our energy, using the techniques we have learned in all of our previous classes.

    THE VALUE OF FAMILY YOGA- There’s so many reasons to be offering classes for the whole family at this moment. You have likely been spending a lot of time with our close family unit over the past 6 months, possibly more time than we ever have! Maybe you have even run out of ideas for family activities. This series will serve as an extension of opportunities and play that can be incorporated into daily or weekly life in the home. In addition to what I offer in the during the class, the instructor will provide caregivers with a digital archive of resources. This will include all of the lessons we have done over the course series, with photos and cues so they are easy to recall as well as ideas for other ways to incorporate mindful movement at home, providing tools that are integral for social, emotional, and physical development.

    *Mats and blankets are not provided- Please bring your own. 

    *Classes are limited to 15 participants.

    *Masks are required for all participants 2 years of age and older. 

    *Social distancing is required throughout the class.

    *Health screenings will be conducted prior to class participation. 

    *Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for parking and health screening. 

    About the Instructor:  Blaire Embrey starting training in dance at 4 years old, thus beginning her foundational practice of movement as healing. After 17 years of dance, she received her Childspace certification, a Feldenkrais based practice, that brings the trainees through their own physical re-birth. Her practice focuses on working with children and their parents by fostering development through play, encouraging this internal Wisdom to develop and bloom from birth.  In August of 2019 she completed her 300 hour Shamanic Yoga Certification. Her primary source of education has been through Medicine Wheel trainings and Mastery Trainings in Canada, Mexico, and Peru.


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