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Member Profile: Virginia Russell

1. What is your earliest memory at the Arboretum?
When I moved to Arcadia in 1968, I believe at that time the entrance was free and the natural settings were just majestic and beautiful.
2. What is your favorite place in the Arboretum and why?
Down by the waterfall, it is the most peaceful and serene place for reflection. There are not many places left like the Arboretum and the preservation of this jewel should be on everyone’s minds and hearts.
3. Why and how are you supporting the Arboretum?
There are so many ways I enjoy supporting the Arboretum. I have donated stock, purchased tickets to events like the LA Garden Show Preview Reception, enjoy many cups of coffee at the Peacock Café and that’s just to name a few off the top of my head. I support this wonderful place because it is one of the few green spaces left for future generations. I brought my grandson and he had not seen peacocks until that day, it would be a shame if his son someday cannot come and see the peacocks and enjoy nature right in the middle of the city.
Support The Arboretum for future generations.
The Arboretum has flourished for over 60 years as an educational and environmental organization focusing on unique plant collections, book collections, and historic preservation. This historic landscape is the setting of many rich cultural stories shared with us daily–from the days when this was part of a private ranch and residence to the present when visitors enjoy the beauty of the natural world in the company of the wildlife that inhabit the area.Donate NowBecome a Member NowVolunteer Now

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