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queen anne cottage on lakeThree thousand years ago, the homesite of the earliest inhabitants of today’s Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden was known as Aleupkigna, “the place of many waters.” With the arrival of the Spanish in California some two hundred years ago, the residents of Aleupkigna became known as the Gabrielino (in reference to the mission responsible for their conversion), and the land upon which they had lived before removal to the Mission became Rancho Santa Anita, an agricultural outpost of Mission San Gabriel. Hugo Reid, a Scotsman with Mexican citizenship, married to a Gabrielino woman, became the first private owner of Rancho Santa Anita and in 1840 constructed his adobe house next to the lake.

When Elias Jackson “Lucky” Baldwin purchased Rancho Santa Anita in 1875, he acquired not only the natural lakes and cienegas on the property, but water rights in both Big and Little Santa Anita Canyons just north of his homesite. The Baldwin Ranch was situated on a 2,000 acre artesian belt, a benefit of its location atop the Raymond Hill Fault. Sixty percent of Baldwin Ranch irrigation waters came from artesian sources, the remaining 40 percent from canyon waters. Baldwin Lake, which served as a holding reservoir for ranch irrigation projects, was dredged and deepened, perhaps 12-15 feet, by owner Baldwin in the late 1880s, and a retaining wall, capped by granite boulders, was constructed around the lake edge.

“Baldwin’s Belvedere,” today known as the Queen Anne Cottage, was built in 1885 on a peninsula jutting out into the horseshoe-shaped lake; the springs that feed the lake are located in both the north and south inlets. Lucky Baldwin supplied residents of the city of Arcadia with a combination of canyon and artesian water of such quality that a Los Angeles Herald reporter commented, “Why, if this God-given fluid were piped to Los Angeles and distributed to the city, the saloons would lose half their customers, and water drinking would become fashionable.” In early Arboretum days the lake was designated LASCA (Los Angeles State and County Arboretum) Lagoon, perhaps a reference to its film location possibilities, perhaps a corruption of the Spanish word for lake.

Filmed at Baldwin Lake

1936 Tarzan Escapes

1937 Wakiki Wedding

1937 The Buccaneer

1938 Straight, Place And Show

1938 Devil’s Island

1939 Gantry The Great

1939 Honeymoon In Bali

1939 Road To Singapore

1939 Safari

1939 Typhoon

1939 The Women

1939 Man In The Iron Mask

194O Moon Over Burma

1940 Susan And God

1940 Victory

1940 The Lady Eve

1941 Among The Living

1941 Malaya

1942 Manila Calling

1942 Gentleman Jim

1943 Passage To Marseilles

1943 Cobra Woman

1944 Mr. Winkle Goes To War

1944 Tarzan And The Amazons

1945 Tarzan And The Leopard Woman

1945 Notorius

1946 Till The Clouds Roll By

1946 Anna And The King Of Siam

1946 The Yearling

1946 The Best Years Of Our Lives

1946 Tarzan And The Huntress

1947 Tycoon

1948 Wake Of The Red Witch

1948 Jungle Jim

1948 Under Capricorn

1949 Johnny Allegro

1949 Tarzan And The Slave Girl

1949 Bomba On Panther Island

1949 Mark Of The Gorilla

1949 Captive Girl

1950 On The Isle Of Samoa

1950 Lost Volcano

1950 Pygmy Island

1950 Tarzan’s Peril

1951 The Golden Hawk

1951 Jungle Manhunt

1952 Miss Robinson Crusoe

1952-53 Ramar Of The Jungle

1953 Royal African Rifles

1953 Rage In The Jungles

1953 Bomba And The Golden Gilr

1954 Beachhead

1954 Gambler From Natchez

1954 Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle

1954 Cannibal Attack

1954 Killer Leopard

1954 The Lone Wolf

1955 Lord Of The Jungle

1955 Brooba

1955 Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle

1956 The Cyclops

1956 Congo Crossing

1958 Sea Hunt

1959 Attack Of The Giant Leeches

1965 Three On A Couch

1965 Lassie

1965 Daniel Boone

1968 Mission Impossible

1969 Too Late The Hero

1970 The Immortal

1971 Longstreet

1974 Carl Sandburg’s Abraham Lincoln

1974 Six Million Dollar Man

1975 Wonder Woman

1976 Marathon Man

1976 Binonic Woman

1976 The Captains And The Kings

1977 Macarthur The Rebel General

1977 The Secret Life Of Plants

1977 Testimony Of Two Men

1977 Man From Atlantis

1977-82 Fantasy island

1978 Roots II

1978 Love Boat

1978 Studs Lonigan

1979 Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

1979 The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo

1979 Wild Times

1980 The Women’s Room

1980 Revenge Of The Stepford Wives

1980 Steve Martin Special

1980 Here’s Boomer

1981 The Letter

1981 Knot’s Landing

1981 Dallas

1981 First Lady Of The World

1982 Flamingo Road

1982 Bring Them Back Alive

1982 Hart To Hart

1983 Matt Houston

1983 Falcon Crest

1983 Fantasy Island

1983 Remington Steele

1983 The Fall Guy

1984 Scarecrow And Mrs. King

1984 Dynasty

1984 Stick

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