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Trumpet trees

Starting in late January, peaking in late March, and continuing on sometimes until May, what are arguably the most spectacular blooming trees in the Arboretum’s collection punctuate the landscape here with their solid canopies of vibrant, almost hot-pink blooms.

They are Tabebuia impetiginosa, also known as the pink trumpet tree, a South American native that produces its brilliant display of color in early winter through spring. Tabebuias initiate bloom soon after most or all their leaves suddenly drop. This often leaves the tree covered only in its clustered trumpet-shaped pink blooms–a sight that takes eyes not used to such a brilliant display some time to get used to. It is almost impossible not to see them as they compete with the peacocks for the eyes of the Arboretum visitors.

The Arboretum helped introduce Tabebuia impetiginosa and other related species into the horticultural market during the 1970’s, including an apricot-colored hybrid between Tabebiua impetiginosa and chrome-yellow flowered Tabebuia chrysotricha.

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