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The catalogs below are an example of some of the patriotism on display during both World Wars I and II.  American citizens were encouraged to grow their own fruits and vegetables and start their own Victory Gardens to do their part.

Paul J Howard's Flowerland Victory Garden catalog cover  

Paul J. Howard’s Flowerland. Victory, Vegetables, Vitamins (c. 1940s)

Paul J. Howard’s Flowerland offered customers a Victory Garden
planting chart. (c. 1940s)
Victory Garden Planting Chart from Paul J. Howard's Flowerland
Paul J Howard's Flowerland Vegetabel Seeds of Outstanding Merit Paul J. Howard’s Vegetable Seeds of Outstanding Merit

“Plant your Victory Garden with these selected seeds for fresh, home-grown vegetables of mouth-watering quality.”

(c. 1940s)

“America” the Food Supplier of the World

This catalog appealed to American patriotism.

Aggeler & Musser Seed Company (1944)

Aggeler & Musser 1944 catalog cover
Aggeler & Musser 1920 catalog p. 1 This page gives thanks to the return of the boys who served in WWI.

Aggeler & Musser Seed Company (1920)

Raise Some Food and Help Win the War

Fraser’s California Sun Ripened Vegetable and Flower Seeds (1943)

Fraser's CA Sun-Ripened Vegetable and Flower  Seeds 1943
Diegaard Nurseries 1943 catalog back Diegaard’s Nursery told customers that planting fruit was “a decided effort toward victory which is the duty of each and every one of us. 

Diegaard Nurseries (1943)

On this page, Germain’s tells it’s customers that they have been supplying badly needed vegetable seeds to our Allies.

Germain Seed Company (1945)

Germain's Seed Company 1945 catalog p. 10-11
Theodore Payne 1919 catalog "new  beans" New Beans from “Over There”

Theodore Payne advertises beans that were sent to him from the boys at the front.

Theodore Payne Garden Guide (1919)

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