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What’s Blooming September

Spider lilies (Lycoris sp.)
Specimens of the genus Lycoris, commonly called 'Spider lilies' bloom amidst the mass plantings of  Amaryllis belladonna that surrounds them just across from the Southwest corner of the African section. Crimson Lycoris radiata contrasts with white flowered Lycoris albiflora.

Lycoris radiata

Lycoris albiflora
African tulip tree (Spathodea campanulata)
Several specimens of the African tulip tree, Spathodea campanulata, are located at the top of Tallac Knoll. Spathodea has bright orange and yellow flowers that, in its much wetter West African native range, are an emergency source of fresh water for people and animals. Spathodea wood has been used for musical insturnments, and its flowers have been used in religious rituals. In tropical areas where it has been accidently introduced Spathodea is extreamly invasive, and is considered to be one of the top 100 invasive plants on earth; no need to worry about it becoming a pest here -Southern California is much to dry to support wild populations of Spathodea.

Spathodea campanulata

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