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Seeing is believing as the old saying goes. Crescent Farm offers the opportunity to view a variety of low water horticulture. All our plants are adapted to drought conditions and you can choose the ones that best fit your garden aesthetic or culinary uses. This carefully chosen plant palette provides a broad range of beautiful examples:

Drought Tolerant Lawn Alternatives

These plants require less water than conventional lawns and provide both evergreen options and seasonal grasses. The alternatives include a California native flower meadow, evergreen low-growing shrubs, and low water grasses that look more like the traditional lawn we’re used to.

California Native Plants

Many plants that originate in Southern California are natural choices for saving water. Check out our picks of the best natives for inland valley communities.

Groundcovers and Shrubs

Plants from other areas of the world that share California’s Mediterranean climate can be used as lawn alternatives and in planting beds.

Arid Climate Orchard

LA_arboretum_PomegranateOur orchard showcases beautifully adapted fruit trees from Mediterranean and subtropical climates that are delicious and have high nutritional value. Jujube, Macadamia Nut and Strawberry Guava grow beautifully in our region and can be sourced from local nurseries.

Native American Garden

These fascinating gardens have a variety of plants coveted by Native American communities. Travel back in time as you experience this historically important horticulture.

Food Forest Short Season Fruits and Vegetables

The Crescent Farm polyculture terrace holds a cornucopia of low-water fruits and vegetables. Seasonal selections are grown in a terraced raised bed and demonstrate both food and water harvesting examples.

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