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Sapphire tower, Puya alpestris


See their spring plumage 9am-4pm


We are open Monday on Memorial Day!

Enjoy the long holiday weekend with a visit to the garden on Monday, May 27, from 9am to 4:30pm. Enjoy the Santa Anita Bonsai Show in Ayres Hall and don’t miss our fabulous Rose Garden. Stop by the Peacock Cafe for a snack or meal and enjoy the beautiful views from the patio..

Thank you for your art entries for our exhibit!

We are now preparing for the upcoming Art Among Us exhibit, which will open in the Arboretum Library on June 1. The month-long exhibit will feature the art work of active Arboretum members, volunteers and staff who were invited to submit their work for consideration.

Reading tree rings: New labs sprout to do the job.

The New York Times provides a wonderful read about tree as “giant organic recording devices. The oldest can tell ancient stories about our world — and even galactic events.” Labs around the world are involved in the data gathering. Read all about it.  

Time to register for Summer Nature Camp!

Children ages 5-11 will enjoy their summer exploring and learning about nature. We get children outside and away from screens to observe and explore wildlife in a natural setting. The Nature Camp runs from June 3 through August 9.  Full session, daily and extended care available.

Library Spotlight – Vintage Nursery Catalogs

Looking for early nursery catalogs for the region of Southern California? The Arboretum Library has catalogs going as far back as the late 1800s that are still applicable for today’s horticulturalists. During your visit to the Arboretum, members and non-members of the garden are always welcome to browse our nursery catalogs in our library’s collection! […]

Library Spotlight – Catalog Updates

Hello, folks!  The Arboretum Library’s catalog now has social networking features, including Facebook and Twitter, so that you may share any library material(s) you have found in the catalog, with your friends.  Also be sure to check out and “like” the Arboretum’s Facebook page.

What’s blooming? Trumpet trees

A delayed start to this year’s blooms because of the much-need, extended rains is worth the wait! The pink trumpet trees are arguably the most spectacular blooming trees in the Arboretum’s collection. They punctuate the landscape here with their solid canopies of vibrant, almost hot-pink blooms. The tree,  Tabebuia impetiginosa,  is a South American native […]

Library Spotlight - “Açaí”

The Arboretum Library has many journals and periodicals that cover a range of horticultural topics. These journals include articles about individual types of plants, including one that's been seen around a lot more recently – the açaí.  You've probably seen this ingredient in all sorts of products at the grocery store, but I didn't know much […]

Library Spotlight - “Lessons Learned: Managing Biological Invasion on Hemlock Hill”

The Arboretum Library has many journals and periodicals that cover a range of horticultural topics. These journals include articles by members of the Arboretum staff. The article “Lessons Learned: Managing Biological Invasion on Hemlock Hill (Massachusetts)” by Richard Schulhof (CEO of the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden) in the journal Ecological Restoration details […]

Raking Hay at Rancho Santa Anita

This image presents is a lovely pastoral scene at Rancho Santa Anita probably in the late 1880s or early 1890s. A man on a hay rake is gathering freshly cut hay, probably mown a day or two earlier and allowed to dry to feed the Ranch's animals.     Closer examination reveals a number of […]

Aesthetics of Ecology: Trees Saturday, May 25

In Trees: Architecture of Beauty, Jadene Mayla, a Permaculture designer, will introduce modern communication received directly from trees.  When we allow these powerful anchors of our biosphere to feel as well as look their best, they are then able to contribute a fuller range of their gifts to us. 10am-12pm, $25 members; $35 non-members.

Santa Anita Bonsai Show this weekend, May 25-27

The Santa Anita Bonsai Society will present trees trained to look like miniature forest giants during the Memorial Day weekend.  Trees up to four feet tall such as maples, junipers and pines will be displayed.  Satuarday-Monday, May 25-27, 9am-5pm;  included in regular admission; members free

Plant question? Ask our Expert at the Arboretum

We have the knowledge and experience to help you raise healthy plants. Frank McDonough, the Arboretum’s Botanical Information Consultant, answers questions from the public.

Website Under Construction

Over the next few weeks we will be implementing a series of updates to make our website more accessible.

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