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Created in 2015 during the worst drought in California's history, Crescent Farm at the L.A. Arboretum has become a popular demonstration garden for new and traditional water saving strategies that include lawn reduction, drought tolerant plants and ground coverings.  Crescent was transformed from a nutrition-starved, compacted lawn to a vibrant regenerative landscape through topographical changes designed to conserve and infiltrate water, build healthy soil and create rich, biodiverse habitat.

  • Water Harvesting

    Using topography, wood debris and mulch, we can actually save water and capture the rain that normally runs-off our landscapes.

  • Soil Building

    To understand how a garden thrives, we must turn our attention to the soil. Every conversation at the Crescent includes an evaluation of soil health.

  • Community

    We consider people as essential in the Crescent as healthy soil. We attract a fascinating crew of volunteers and have opportunities for young and old alike. It is with their help that Crescent Farm shines.

  • Creating Habitat

    Habitat is the available healthy circumstances for a creature. That health depends on the right assembly of resources that guarantees an animal’s success. That collection normally includes food, water and a safe nesting place.

  • Water Saving Plants

    Crescent Farm offers the opportunity to view a variety of low water horticulture. All our plants are adapted to drought conditions and you can choose the ones that best fit your garden aesthetic or culinary uses.

  • About

    At just-under an acre, ‘The Crescent’ was transformed through topographical changes (alterations to the contour of the landscape) designed to infiltrate water, build healthy soil and create rich, biodiverse habitat.

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