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A stroll through the Arboretum will take you through a variety of gardens and landscapes that offer beauty and tranquility as well as ideas for your outdoor space at home. Click here for our Bloom Calendar.

    • Aquatic Gardens

      A serene landscape of gentle pools, water lilies and shaded benches, the Aquatic Garden sits at the picturesque summit of Tallac Knoll, with the Meyberg Waterfall below.

    • Celebration Garden

      Seven design vignettes creatively display great plants and ideas for Southern California landscapes.

    • Crescent Farm

      Climate appropriate plants create bountiful drought-resilient landscapes. Plants thrive in the low water conditions of our Mediterranean climate.

    • Garden for All Seasons

      Choice fruits and vegetables for Southern California are supported by a rain harvest system in this landscape of ideas and new plants for the home food garden.

    • Grace V. Kallam Perennial Garden

      Perennials, shrub borders and flowering trees are artfully combined in this serene, intimate landscape. Created in honor of Grace V. Kallam, the garden offers design ideas and outstanding plants for Southern California Gardens

    • Herb Garden

      Showcasing herbs and shrubs that contribute to human cultures around the world, the Herb Garden reveals the botanical sources for medicines, spices, textiles and other basics of living.

    • Rainbow Serpent Garden

      A path resembling a serpent, inspired by the creation myth of the Australian Aborigines, winds through a selection of “Down Under” plants that are outstanding for our region.

    • Meadowbrook Garden

      Stunning vistas of the San Gabriel Mountains are enjoyed across lawns framed by magnolias and temperate trees offering outstanding fall color.

    • Rose Garden

      Designed by noted landscape architect Edward Huntsmen Trout, the Rose Garden features heritage varieties and David Austin selections, amid elegant pergolas and arbors, all in a setting of citrus and swaying Mexican fan palms.

    • Tropical Green House

      Treasures from the Arboretum’s tropical plant collections, which include several thousand orchids, find a home in this lush greenhouse display.

    • Water Conservation Garden

      Showcasing plants from Mediterranean climates around the world, the Water Conservation Garden seeks to demonstrate that careful planting design can achieve high standards of both landscape beauty and water stewardship.

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