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You are invited to join the Arboretum Volunteer Team!  Give your time, gain new skills, and make new friends.  We are now accepting volunteer applications.

Although gardening experience or plant knowledge is a plus, absolutely none is required for the majority of volunteer positions. Benefits of volunteering at the Arboretum include the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and receive hands-on experience through association with professionals in research, horticulture and education.  Our volunteers have a range of horticultural experience, from weekend gardeners to specialists.

Volunteers are one of the great strengths of our organization, serving as an invaluable resource in making our programs possible.  Volunteers provide the garden with vital support by guiding visitors through the grounds, staffing special events, maintaining the gardens, working in the Visitor Services Office, Garden & Gift Shop and Arboretum Library as well as behind the scenes through a host of other activities.  They share their time, their love for gardening and plants, and their dedication to the community.  Whether you are a master gardener, a professional or a homemaker, retired or work full-time, a teacher or a student, the Arboretum needs your time, skills and talents.

Through your volunteer activities, you will meet others who have similar interests and hobbies, and experience the satisfaction of sharing in significant accomplishments.  So, join us, and enjoy the beauty of the Arboretum and the rewards and camaraderie of being a part of our team of dedicated volunteers.  We look forward to welcoming you to our volunteer program.

Please note: Although volunteer applications are accepted on a year-round basis, we cannot guarantee that we will need volunteers in the specific area in which you are most interested.  Volunteer assignments are available on both weekdays and weekends, though the types and numbers of openings vary considerably throughout the year.

Los Voluntarios

Los Voluntarios (Los Vols), the adult volunteer support organization for the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden, is a self-organized group of almost 300 women and men who annually contribute over 30,000 hours of service to this flagship public garden, administered by the County Department of Parks & Recreation.

Membership is open to adults and requires a minimum of 50 hours of service annually. Depending upon availability, volunteer assignments may include administrative and customer services, educational programming, gardening, gift shop, library, historic preservation, floral arrangements, Santa Anita Depot docents, membership services and special events. Volunteer activities also include interesting and informative meetings, presentations, annual volunteer luncheon and picnic. Members of Los Voluntarios receive a volunteer-focused newsletter and complimentary Family Membership to the Arboretum.

Participation in the volunteer orientation program is required.

Four morning sessions of New Volunteer Orientation "Meet the Arboretum" is presented by Los Voluntarios.  Attendance is required at all four sessions. The orientation includes an overview and history of the Arboretum as well as information about the various volunteer opportunities.  Additional training sessions are required for walking tour docents.  Prospective volunteers may participate in the volunteer program prior to their participation in an Orientation Program, after a live-scan clearance.

Special Event Volunteers - Adults & Students

If you cannot contribute time on a regular basis, consider volunteering for events. Add your name to our special event volunteer contact list and receive detailed information when special events or projects become available.

Adult Volunteers

If you are interested in applying for a position as an adult volunteer, you must submit a volunteer application.  Click here for a PDF of the Adult Volunteer application. Once you have completed the application including Live Scan, you can email the volunteer coordinator, Phil Luna at: philip.luna@arboretum.org. He will schedule an interview with you and collect your application for processing.  It is that simple.

Student Volunteers

High school students (minimum age of 14) can participate in the year-round Student Volunteer Program to fulfill community service hours requirements for school or for personal enjoyment and experience. Student volunteers are needed in a variety of areas on an on-going basis, including the Membership and Visitor Services Office, Gift Shop, administrative offices, gardens and greenhouses as well as for one-time only special events.

If you are interested in a position as a student volunteer, click here for a PDF of the student application. Once you have completed the application including Live Scan, you can email the volunteer coordinator, Phil Luna at: philip.luna@arboretum.org. He will schedule an interview with you, collect your application and begin processing it.

Los Voluntarios and Volunteer Orientation is not open to students.

Student Internships

Undergraduate and graduate college students are welcome to apply for unpaid internships. Arboretum staff will work with accredited academic institutions to serve as a site for their intern program. Students can develop a personalized internship by letting us know of their educational and occupational interests, a time-frame for serving as an intern, and specific internship goals. Timing of an internship is flexible and dependent upon your project. Unfortunately, the Arboretum does not offer any paid internships at this time.

Group Volunteers

Organizations (i.e. school groups, Scouts, etc.) are invited to arrange for group volunteer projects. Please note: LA County mandates a minimum age of 14 for all volunteers, no exceptions.

For corporate groups seeking volunteer opportunities and an inspiring team-building experience, please contact Judith Hamilton-Márquez, Development Manager, at judith.marquez@arboretum.org.

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