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The Arboretum continues to help children and families explore nature-based learning at home. From the scientific to the whimsical, our At Home Nature Adventures offer hands-on activities designed to help kids and families connect to nature and all its magic! Programs can easily be done in any living environment, can be adapted to different ages and skill levels, and simply require nature, some common household materials, and imagination! We will be adding new exciting, activities each month, and would love to see your Nature Adventure results! Share your photos on social media with the hashtags #LAArboretumKids and #LAArboretumAtHome, or email them directly to for a chance to be featured in our social media pages.

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New At Home Adventures

Put a creative twist on pumpkin carving while observing the wildlife in your neighborhood!

Learn about biomimicry by sculpting an animal friend!

Edible Mushroom Logs

Explore the importance of fungi with a tasty treat!

Leaf Bug Pinning

Discover the diversity of insects by creating your own.

Salt Dough Coral Reefs

Explore the wonder of coral reefs while making your own coral biome from scratch!

Pollinator Pudding

Create a delicious treat while learning about the importance of our pollinator friends!

Sprout House

Become a nature architect while investigating germination!

DIY Gold

Create your own St. Patrick's Day gold while exploring the rocks in your area!

Heart Weaves

Make unique Valentine's while practicing fine motor skills!

Talisman Bags

Generate hopes and dreams for the new year while exploring the symbolism of the natural world!

Salted Ice Candles

Celebrate the winter solstice with this creative festive craft!

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Embrace the changing seasons while exploring autumnal signs of nature!

Pumpkin Habitats

Discover the principles of habitat while creating a magical autumnal world!

Wheel of the Year Wreaths

Explore the cycle of changing seasons while creating a unique piece of art!

Edible Sunshine

Make and enjoy a beautiful snack while learning about the sun!

Exploding Seed Pods

Create your own exploding seed pod while learning about seed dispersal!

Egg Drop Challenge

Physics, biology, and engineering smash together in this fun science experiment!

Leprechaun Shelters

Help leprechauns along their journeys while creating little outdoor worlds!

Love Rocks

Create nature-based Valentines while learning about geology!

Crystalized Evergreens

Explore the science of crystals while creating winter decorations!

"Seasonal" Scent Art

Fill your home with the scents of the holidays while painting with and learning about winter seasonings!

Rotting Pumpkin Investigations

Observe your jack-o-lanterns "aging" while learning about decomposition!

Ocean in a Jar

Explore the science of ocean currents while making a fun sensory toy!

Nature Mandalas

Investigate natural environments while creating beautiful art!

Helicopter Seeds

Discover the aerodynamics of seed dispersal!

Edible Bird Nests

Explore states of matter while learning about bird nests!

Grow A Rainbow

Learn about capilary action by growing your own rainbow!

Ice "Fishing"

Explore the scientific reaction between salt and ice!

Hope Sprouts

Plant seeds of hope for the new year!

Winter Solstice Ice Lanterns

Create a festive lantern while learning about the winter solstice!

Broccoli-Brushed Autumn Art

Paint an autumn tree while learning about photosynthesis!

Blooming Bookmarks

Make a botanical bookmark while learning about plants!


Create a rubber egg with this fun chemistry experiment!

Field Investigations

"I notice, I wonder, it reminds me of..."

Plant People

Bring toilet paper rolls to life with plants!

Bread Gardens

Create a beautiful edible landscape!

Tree Yoga

Explore the lifecycle of a tree by becoming one yourself!

Wish Trees

Celebrate the earth’s exuberance with this fun, ancient tradition!

Cherry Blossom Soda Bottle Art

Use recycled materials to make beautiful floral paintings!

Ladybug Cities

Discover vibrant ladybug communities right within your own!


Do a fun workout while exploring the signs of spring outside!

Living Necklaces

Create a plant-pendant that grows from your body heat!

Botanic Egg Decorating

Design beautiful egg creations using plant imprints and natural dyes!

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders

Honor Earth Day with this fun sensory activity!

City Nature Challenge

Document the nature in your city through this international collaboration!

Nature Crowns

Create a festive headpiece using natural materials!

Nature Wands

Discover the magic of your natural surroundings!

Bug Hunts

Explore a tiny, fascinating world right in your neighborhood!

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