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Sunday, June 20; 9:00AM - 7:00PM

Nature of Sculpture II Exhibition

About This Event

Experience art in a botanical environment this summer as artists explore the theme of The Arboretum Takes Flight with sculptures that highlight the interaction between art and nature.

“The exhibit allows us to step beyond ourselves into the diverse beauty of the various landscapes where both the gardens and the art will resonate in harmony,” said Patricia Ferber, curator of both Nature of Sculpture II and the first exhibit.

Whether inspired by plants, birds or simply a flight of fancy, the sculptures will invite visitors into our outdoor gallery for a close look at the art in the wonderful natural surroundings.

Curator: Patricia Ferber

Participating Artists:

Leigh Adams
A.S. Ashley
Walter Askin
Sabine Stadler Bayless
Michael Bayless
Angela Briggs
Julie Brooks
Lynda Brothers
Pamela Burgess
Elizabeth Jewell Butterfield
Brian Carlson
William  Catling
Leslie Codina
Robin Cohen
Raphaele Cohen-Bacry
Joyce Dallal
Valerie Daval
Raoul De la Sota
Charles Dickson
Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke
Stan Edmondson
Rasta EL
Patricia Ferber
Gayle Gale
Margaret Garcia
Cathy Garcia
Yolanda Gonzalez
Michael  Hannon
Karen Hochman Brown
Steve Horn
Brad Howe
Brenda Hurst
Toy Jones
David Kiddie
Paul Knoll
Joyce Kohl
Tanya Kovaleski
Dale La Casella
Maria Cristina Lattes
Gina Lawson Egan
Kim Lingo
Diana Markessinis
James B. Marshall
Amiko Matsuo
Kevin McHugh
Heather McLarty
Cecila Miguez
Brad Monsma
Cranton Montgomery
Robert Moore
Chris Moore
Robert Oblon
Frederick Olsen
Ron Pekar
Victor Picou
Elisabeth Pollnow
Karen Reitzel
Malcolm Rice
T Robert-Pacini
Dan Romero
Frank Romero
Fred Rose
Damian Ross
Kent Rothman
Russell Ruff
Don Ryan
Christopher Slatoff
Hiromi Takizawa
John Toki
Georgia Toliver
Teresa Tolliver
Philip Vaughan
Lauren Verdugo
Tricia Ward
Pat Warner
Larry White
Angie Whitson
Julie Williams
Elijah Wooldridge
Kathy Yoshihara

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